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Trash Opera

Coming to you from the same marketers that invented the term 'popular culture' and used it to turn us into a commodity, I give you: The Opera Show.
The most insulting thing about this cut 'n' paste of the most famous opera arias strung together and force fed to us by a lurid entourage of arse-wriggling 'dancers' clad in Doc Martins and wigs, is that London-based listings site What'sonstage has dubbed it 'opera for the YouTube generation,' a phrase that is gleefully included on the pamphlet. Well that I can't ignore. As a member of the 'YouTube generation' I resent the comparison.
YouTube, for all its many misses, is an affirmation of creativity and independence of spirit. It is a democratic, critical tool in a world controlled by the rich and stupid. It can take the drizzly slops of politicians' speeches, reveal their true intentions, and share them. The Opera Show is, in my opinion, a cynical venture, that strips all emotion and meaning out of human experience as explored through music, and jeers at it, and so at us: the exact antithesis of YouTube. I wonder if this is really commercial, or just well advertised.

Alex P. more than 6 years ago

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