New Year in Barcelona

New Year's Eve in Barcelona is much like in any other place in the world, with a couple of exceptions. As midnight strikes, anyone in Spain looking for luck in the coming year, needs to eat 12 grapes before the bongs of the nearest clock finish. Legend says that the main clocks of Spain have their bongs slowed down slightly for the occasion to avoid mass chokings as people all over the country frantically chew their 'uvas'. You can buy handy little tins with exactly 12 (seedless) grapes in them, but let's be honest—that approach is for wimps (and people with too much money). Better to get down your local greengrocer's and buy them there. The other Spanish tradition for New Year's Eve is to wear red underwear, another symbol that is thought to bring luck to anyone with scarlet undies. Other than that, many people spend the evening enjoying a big meal with families and friends before heading out on the town. Lots of venues organise special events to mark the arrival of a new year, although, like in many places, you may find yourself paying quite above the odds for a club night or party.

The Last Supper

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Dec 28, 2009 2:45 PM Food and drink blog

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