Matt Elmore

Matt Elmore

Matt Elmore from Alexandria, Virginia has worked as a writer, editor, translator and English teacher in some far-flung corners of the world, in both Asia and the Middle East. He landed here in 1998. Currently, he is practising all his skills at once, with recent publications in 'The Art Newspaper' and 'The World Health Organization Bulletin'. As if that weren’t enough to keep him busy, he is also honing his parenting skills with the help of his young son.

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A hidden jewel

Rafel Royes Lopez

Untouristy and little used Parc Guinardó offers fresh air, greenery and impressive 360 degree views of the city more

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In February 2009, Barcelona was shocked by the shooting of a local businessman in broad daylight—but such firearm murders are thankfully rare in the city more

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Why is juvenile obesity becoming a common problem in a country where it was practically nonexisent a generation ago? more

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Las Ramblas downhill home

Illustration by Kat Cameron

Are things really getting rougher on Barcelona's famous Ramblas, or is it much the same as always? more

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Being paid to shop would be a dream come true for many. Here are some people who have actually made it a reality. more

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American football

Lee Woolcock

North American football has never captured the popular imagination here, but some people take it extremely seriously more

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Film-maker and owner of Cinema Méliès more

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Low-cost flights

Illustration by Fay Shelton

Barcelona's tourist industry has certainly benefited from the phenomenon of cheap flights. But with falling prices, how do the low-cost airlines make money? more

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People disagree about whether file sharing is right or wrong, but everyone agrees it’s widely practised more

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If you're made redundant in Barcelona, it's important to know your rights more

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Meet a Barcelona architect and entrepreneur planning to offer travellers a room with a heavenly view more

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Teachers' Union

Patricia Esteve

The teacher’s union in Barcelona also offers advice and membership to English teachers more

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Chariot fit for a star

Rafel Royes Lopez

Customising your car is an increasingly popular, and expensive, thing to do. more

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All that remains

Nacho Caravia Nagueras

In 1921, there were about 35,000 horses on Barcelona's streets. Now there are just a handful more

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War Veteran

Patricia Esteve

In this article, we meet an 86-year-old Civil War veteran who is doing his part to make sure people know how it was back then, even if they weren't yet born more

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The need for speed

Rafel Royes Lopez

Ever wonder what it would feel like to drive fast as hell around a Formula 1 track? Find out at Barcelona's race circuit located just outside the city more

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