Although Halloween isn't a traditional Catalan holiday, it has become increasingly popular in the last five years or so, helped in no small part by the foreign resident community who are used to dressing up, bobbing for apples and trick or treating every October 31st.

There’s plenty of gruesome goings-on for Halloween in the city this weekend, but make sure you don’t let all of the haunting happenings overshadow the traditional Catalan festival, la Castanyada. more

Oct 28, 2016 2:31 PM IN THE CITY 5 Comments

Bigging up Halloween in Barcelona

Not a traditional holiday in Barcelona, Halloween has become increasingly popular here in recent times. Our Family matters blogger Johanna Bailey explains why she's going all out on October 31st this year more

Oct 24, 2011 11:54 AM Family matters 5 Comments

Dr Farreras i Framis tomb

Photo by Amanda August

They can send a shiver down your spine but cemeteries also reveal much about a city’s history and its people more

Sep 28, 2011 12:00 AM IN THE CITY 5 Comments

Barcelona Cemetries

Antonio Leal

From the archive: Discover Barcelona's most mysterious spots to get your thrills and chills this Halloween more

Sep 10, 2010 11:29 AM LIVING 5 Comments

Get under the covers and discover Barcelona ghosts and ghost stories more

Oct 1, 2008 6:52 PM LIVING 5 Comments


Photo by Patricia Esteve

This time of year is a great time for root vegetables more

Oct 1, 2007 12:20 PM EATING AND DRINKING 5 Comments

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