The challenges facing Barcelona's cruise industry. more

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Will Shank visits the exhibition at the CCCB, which he considers necessary viewing for all. more

Jan 1, 2018 12:00 AM Previews and reviews

On September 22nd some of Barcelona’s streets will close to cars. more

Sep 21, 2017 10:49 AM In the City

An ambitious urban development plan could see a doubling in the number of the city’s trees. more

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Enjoy an evening stroll down this street on the first Saturday of each month. more

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One of the city’s favourite tourist spots is under threat. more

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Craving a bit of green? With spring on our doorstep, it’s time to get planting. more

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Barcelona has plenty of colourful markets and a greengrocers on every corner. But what’s organic and what’s not? more


In 2003, Deron Beal was working for a nonprofit recycling project in Tucson, Arizona. His days were spent driving around the city in his truck, collecting donated objects and taking them to new owners. more

May 2, 2014 12:17 PM FEATURES

How clean is the city's air? And, more importantly, what's being done to improve it? more


A purse seine boat

Copyright OCEANA/Enrique Talledo

Fish and shellfish are popular options when dining out in Barcelona, but some species are paying a heavy price for our menu choices more


Nettle Tree Butterfly

Photo by Lucy Brzoska

Lucy Brzoska remembers a storm that hit Collserola more

Dec 20, 2011 10:24 AM FEATURES

Max Bentley looks at how you can enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas in Barcelona more

Nov 30, 2011 12:00 AM FEATURES

Beautiful Demoiselle

Photo by Lucy Brzoska

Venture to the streams of Montseny to spot these beautiful beetles and damselflies more

Jun 30, 2011 10:37 AM FEATURES

Nymph skin

Photo by Lucy Brzoska

Pedrables park is the home to a new generation of damselflies more

May 30, 2011 1:28 PM FEATURES

Bee Orchid

Photo by Tara Stevens

Montjuïc is alive with exotic blooms in the Barcelona spring sunshine more

Apr 29, 2011 12:01 AM FEATURES

Vallvidrera Boar

Photo by Lucy Brzoska

Mud, not great for many but loved by boars more

Mar 29, 2011 1:15 PM FEATURES

Diminutive Columbine - (Aquilegia Paui)

Photo by Llorenç Sáez

Catalunya is home to some unique flora that is at serious risk of extinction. more

Feb 28, 2011 1:29 PM FEATURES

Black stamen on borage flower

Photo by Lucy Brzoska

Montjuïc castle is showing signs of spring with flowers peaking through the cracks in the walls more

Feb 28, 2011 1:29 PM FEATURES

Mitred Parakeet

Photo by Lucy Brzoska

Look up this month and you might see some Mitred parakeets more

Nov 30, 2010 5:25 PM FEATURES