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Tony Anagor is the founder and CEO of Lifestyle Barcelona, a company that has organised activities and corporate events in Barcelona since 2003. more

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The Australian chiropractor shares his reasons for moving to Barcelona in 2015, and how the city is becoming more familiar with the benefits of chiropractic. more

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Tom Deforce, founder of sustainable architecture company, EcoLAB CanNova talks about how and why he created the company. more

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Veronica Mesuraca talks to us about setting up her business as a personal branding coach. more

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Nov 30, 2015 3:09 PM LIVING


Photo by Iris Humm.

We chat to Noel Sheehan, co-founder of Barcino Brewers. more

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Toby Paramor tells us about his experience setting up and running Stoke Travel, a surf, festival and events business. more

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