David O'Connor

David O'Connor

David O’Connor is an Irish-Canadian who lived in Barcelona for four years until 2009. In addition to working hard on both his fiction and his journalism, some of which can be found at his website (, while here, he taught English at two universities: the Autonomà and Pompeu Fabra. He published his first article in 'Metropolitan' in January 2008.

From the archive: El Prat use winged technology to keep their avian population under control more

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Swing dance

Photo by Lee Woolcock

From the archive: Swing dancing was a hit back in 2009 and still is more

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Officials hope to solve the city’s water worries by turning the Mediterranean into tap water more

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Salsa dancing meet-up group

Photo by Lee Woolcock has a lot of satisfied users in Barcelona more

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In the summer of 2008, Barcelona city council was preparing to crack down on tacky souvenir shops around the city more

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Raval video game


Teens from the multi-ethnic Barcelona neighbourhood of Raval have created a video game based on their life in their area more

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American-flamenco fusion is how Sam Lardner characterised his music in this January 2008 article more

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Ice hockey

Lee Woolcock

What sport do you think of when you think of FC Barcelona? Probably not ice hockey. more

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