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With two public holidays in early December, learn more about what the locals are celebrating. more


As candidates apply for the 2022 Games this month discover why Barcelona decided to post pone their bid and more about the history of the Olympics more

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The fifth annual Barcelona triathlon takes place on October 6th, 2013. Find out all about the sport here more

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How to handle pesky pests during the hot summer months more

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A historical wander through the iconic arches of the Drassanes more

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Getting married in Spain: in figures

Illustration by Capitoni

We reveal the facts and figures about getting married in Barcelona more

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La Renta

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The statistics and scandals of filing tax declarations more

May 29, 2013 1:18 PM LIVING

Learn almost all you need to know about Spain's staple ingredient: olive oil. more

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Learn almost everything you need to know about Barcelona's favorite children's saint. more

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Get your facts straight about Barcelona's delicious wholesale markets. more

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Get your facts straight about these peculiar Catalan Christmas characters. more


Our guide to the public transport system of Barcelona more

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With La Liga in full swing, Rupert Crookenden gives an insight into one of the greatest sporting rivalries of all time: Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona more

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These giants have played a key role in Catalan street parties for centuries, here's why more

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The age old Spanish tradition of napping is explained. You'll never feel guilty for an afternoon sleep again more

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Festival Grec 2012

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Discover the past and present of one of Barcelona's biggest theatre, dance and music events more

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Euro 2012

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Max Bentley provides you with a history and interesting facts and figures regarding Europe's biggest international football tournament more

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Here are some interesting facts and figures about el Partido Popular more

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Impress your friends with these facts and figures about Catalunya's patron saint more

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