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Re: viewing the tour

Dear Carmen,
Thanks for your (very sensible) question. The cyclists are due to arrive in Barcelona around 4.45pm on Thursday 9th starting at the Rambla de Guipuscoa then Avinguda Meridiana, before following a 13-kilometre city route to arrive at the finish point on Montjuïc at about 5pm. For a full list of the streets they'll cycle along, visit: http://w3.bcn.es/ab/asia/agenda/controller/0,2314,1653_1802_3,00.html?accio=fitxa_ag&idActe=99400222933
On Friday morning, they will leave at 11am from between the Venetian towers in Plaça Espanya to follow a 10-kilometre course across the city. The link above has the list of the roads for Friday too.
Don't forget though, that on both days, the riders will be preceded by the 'caravana publicitaria'; on Thursday, it's due to arrive at 3.15pm and on Friday morning at 9am (following same route as cyclists).

For full details, visit www.bcn.cat

Hannah (Barcelona Metropolitan) more than 7 years ago

Viewing the Tour

Where is the best spot to view the tour on both days? What time should I expect it to come through Barcelona?

Carmen more than 7 years ago


January 23, 2017


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January 29, 2017

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