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Picornell pool

I just discovered the Picornell pool and really like it even though I completely agree that the access to pools here is overpriced.
Other pools to check out are the DIR pools (if you're a member that is...). The majority of the gyms have pools and if not a pool a sun terrace. And like Saul said - don't forget your swim cap and flip flops!

Cecilia (Barcelona Metropolitan) more than 7 years ago

Also Can Drago

You missed Can Drago as BCN's own lido with a big outdoor leisure pool. Barceloneta swimming club is also a possibility with indoor and outdoor pools. There is also Illa Fantasia at Premia de Mar, accessible by train.

However, as a family of five, it's disappointing that swimming is so expensive in BCN as you typically pay for day membership, rather than just entrance as you would in other countries. In the UK you might pay £2-£3 for a swim. In BCN it can be €10+ for a day ticket.

Oh. And don't forget to take a swim cap and wet shoes (eg flipflops).

Saul Dobney more than 7 years ago


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