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I was at The Pink Elephant for the Thanksgiving dinner last week and it's one of the best memories I have in Barcelona. The food was REALLY american and the atmosphere, the details and service were exquisite. I loved the pumpkin pie which I was really looking forward to. The turkey and all the sides that came with it were amazing. I haven't tried their regular menu but I can imagine it is just as good and I will be back for more soon!

Laurel more than 4 years ago


Preciosísima decoración, genial ambiente y, lo mejor, los exquisitos cocktails y la sabrosísima comida.
Y todo a precios de cualquier bolsillo!

Recomendación: menú de noche a 21€, filete de atún vuelta y vuelta. IMPRESIONANTE.

Dorada more than 6 years ago


¡Madre mía!!! Cenar en casa Cualquier Cosa Esté mejor. El bar de al lado del trabajo Tienen mejor menú que este resturante. No vale la pena perder el dinero así!!!

Christian Kariev more than 6 years ago

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