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The worst experience in my life going to an restaurant

The food is not too bad, but the service is awful. We asked for a bottled beer, and they brought it warm and already opened. When we asked them to change it for a cold one, they said that we will be charged for the already opened one and the new one. Our friend asked them for a cold water several times, and they was keeping to forget to bring it.

And the worst was when we presented our credit card to pay, they refused to accept it, saying that the credit card machine was broken, thought it said on their front door that they accept all types of credit cards. It was late time to go to bank for cash, so the owner confiscated a credit card of our friend, telling, that we should come back tomorrow to pay. We tried to persuade him to return to us the credit card because he had no right to confiscate it. He got angry and almost pushed one of our friends, shouting that we were nobody, and he was the owner, so we should to shut up and go out or he would call to police. So we said him, that we would wait while the police arrive to resolve our conflict. So we sit down waiting, and within 15-20 minutes their credit card machine began “magically” to work again, so we were charged, and they returned to us the credit card.

Really it was the worst experience in my life going to an restaurant. Surely we would never return to this restaurant, and no one is suggested.

Nataly more than 5 years ago

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