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Restaurant Sesamo

We arrived, after making our booking in advance, and were told we would need to wait in the bar, which was quite smokey, while our table was prepared as there had been some confusion regarding the timing of our reservation (We waited 20 minutes before being seated). Once seated at our table in the restaurant area, the service was slow. I was surprised at how different the menu was compared to the sample menu on their website. I had been attracted to the restaurant via the Metropolitan's list of restaurants because it was vegetarian, organic and had a number of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and cava) listed on their sample menu that were organic. When we explored the menu once seated at the restaurant we were dissappointed to find that there was no organic beer, wine or cava on their menu whereas there was at least on of each listed on the websites sample menu. I asked if any organic alcoholic beverages were available but none were. The starter that I first ordered was not available. The food was quite good (vegetarian and imaginative) although the servings were a little small for the price. We each ordered a starter, a main and we shared a bottle of white wine. In total it cost us 57 euros for the two of us. Overall I'd rate it 6/10.

Adrian more than 6 years ago

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