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Thanks for the comments. Starting a business is challenging but rewarding. If you want more info and advice be sure to sign up to my e-mini series - The Road Map to Business Success which you can find on my website. http://freegreenbeans.com. Have a great week

Edward Hamilton more than 5 years ago

Thank you Edward!

I am really glad I met Edward. His coaching for my "about to be born" business (or "dream job", I should say) has been like a wake-up call that luckily came at the right time.
My fundraising consultancy project (www.poleas.org) aims to build international solidarity bridges between social investors/donors (particularly focusing on individuals) in the European Union and NGOs all over the world. This initiative is driven by passion and the expectation of building a solid and motivated international team of people that share this dream of bridging needs and resources with a global perspective.
With Edward´s short (just a total of six hours) coaching, I made key adjustments to my business strategy and we designed a plan for an initial phase, as well as for the medium and long term. I see now that I was overlooking/underestimating some key economic and financial aspects; these mistakes would have cost money and to genuinely promise things that I could have never delivered, both to my teammates and clients. I have now designed a feasible plan, based on facts and considering all key strategic, economic and financial factors, trying to anticipate obstacles that could arise and providing me with a sense of confidence on the feasibility to deliver with achievable goals.
Edward´s coaching is great for the NGO/social development initiatives because he offers strategic, economic and financial advice in a language that is easy to understand. I highly recommend his services.
Additionally, I have taken his “Personal Finances” course and this exercise has allowed me to really understand where I am standing, economically and financially speaking. By using basic financial principles we analyzed my short, medium and long term economic and financial goals, a fantastic exercise that I never found the time to seriously do before.

Alejandro Peña more than 5 years ago

Great advice!

What good advice, just what many people need

Manuel more than 6 years ago


Thanks, what an interesting and informative article, as a start up business owner it is nice to read useful advice and know that such a service is available.

Sarah James more than 6 years ago

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