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Primero de todo felicitarle por la idea.. me parece genial no tener que preocuparte de cosas en las que inviertes un tiempo que puedes dedicar para las cosas que te gustan.Espero que tenga éxito en su negocio.

Nuria more than 3 years ago

Very interesting

Congratulations on your new venture. I'm sure that the Quilter Company will be a great success. You are very savvy to have started early on in businesses of this kind

Sara more than 3 years ago


I follow Quilter from the beginnings and can say that it will be a success due to the responsibility, dedication and savoir faire of this company. Hope to count with their services suddenly.

Amanda more than 3 years ago

Good idea

I think this project is a good idea, because people wants to have a lot of time, to do things and make projects, stay with family. And the thing that you have a bussiness that focus on make you earn time is the future.
An other fact is that this business take out worries, because it charge about documents, queues, waste time... and languages.
On conclusion, this idea it's an interesting and entrepreneurial project that I think will have a lot of future.

J.Indias more than 3 years ago


Dear Rebeca,

Maybe we could cooperate together.

Please contact me, if you feel like doing it.


Teodor de Mas /

Teodor de Mas (Teo) more than 3 years ago


Very interesting service!!

Oscar more than 3 years ago

Fast, efficient and tangible benefits

"Quilter is a fantastic service for small business where time is money. Using Quilter Life Solutions to run all of the everyday parts of your business allows you more time to spend with clients and time to pursue that all important new business. Fast, efficient, a tangible benefit to your business"

Rosie Smith more than 3 years ago

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