Apply yourself: Jobs in Barcelona and how to get them

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I'm considering moving to Barcelona in 2014. This has given me a lot of motivation.

Alwyn more than 3 years ago

Thanks - nice article

Thanks - this is very inspirational for someone who has just arrived and job hunting. It's good to hear some positive stories for once!

Pete more than 5 years ago


a german citizen, 25 years spanish experience, international business
relations, speaking german, french, english, spanish, dutch, residing
province GIRONA, ready to travel, interested in coaching/consulting,
anybody interested ?

Olaf ANDRESEN more than 6 years ago

Internships in Spain

I know a company which offers internship offers in Barcelona and Spain... Is called IES. The web site is if somebody wants info!

Alexander more than 6 years ago

Right Place - Right Time

right place right time is it?
thank you cause just started again being frustrated - so thumbs up and heading out to born.

Anni more than 6 years ago

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