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La Strada is the best though!

Having had my haircut at Anthony Llobet for the last 3 years, I have always been relatively happy, although the constant turnover of staff is beyond irritating. One day you have a great hairstylist, the next, you're told that they have left... I have also noticed that the hairstylists are under huge time pressures when dealing with clients, which means that the haircuts are not always the best.

That said, thankfully, I recently found that one of their former hairstylists, Tatiana, who left and I was told had moved to Miami, is in fact in Barcelona and running her own salon. Amazing news! It is called La Strada and it is in Raval - look for it on Facebook and Twitter. I had my hair cut there today and I am thrilled with it; she is a master and the customer service is something I've missed living in a city where customer service is almost non-existant.

Go, go, go! La Strada is the way forward!

Steven more than 4 years ago

Customer Service

Over the past four years I´v tried many salons in the Barcelona area and the customer service from the Llobet salons is second to none. This includes the response time after sending email inquiries.

Marie more than 4 years ago

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