Petit Bangkok: Welcome to the dollhouse


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Petit Bangkok

Saragossa 87, 08006 Barcelona View Map

616 185 196

Open Tues-Sat, 1pm-3.30pm, 8pm-11.30pm.



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Location Change

This article is a little out of date now; perhaps you could update the details?

It is now located around the corner, on c/mane i Flaquer, in a much bigger space - it has at least trebbled in size, but getting a table is still difficult as they continue to deliver the most authentic Thai food in Barcelona, so book ahead!

Steven more than 4 years ago

needs improvement

Not a fan. The waiters are rude and the food is tasteless. I am sure that the owners care about their place a lot, but they should be careful of who they hire and how their food comes out. The decoration is nice, but the rest needs a lot of work.

reader more than 4 years ago


love the bit about trendoid diners in ironic double denim. LOL.

reader more than 6 years ago

Petit Bangkok

We're neighbours and have been coming here for a couple of years now and it's sooo sooo good. Never disappoints. Like Ms Feddo says here, make sure you book ahead.

Cesco more than 6 years ago

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