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i applaud you

what a fantastic article, very informative! I was interested in getting a tattoo when i arrive in Spain, next week but now i feel like id get laughed at if i walked into a parlor and ask. I'm 17 years old and a legal guardian will not be traveling with me, does that mean no tattoo for me? Maybe its a blessing, i don't want to be a statistic that regrets her first tattoo and I've got a HUGE fear of having an allergic reaction to the ink.. but anyway, thank you for the insight!

Serena more than 2 years ago


Can anyone recommend a good but fairly inexpensive tattooist in barcelona for tribal artwork

ashley more than 5 years ago

tattoo pain

It's not only the pain you feel when you get a tattoo, but it's also what you feel when you realize that your reasons for getting one have disappeared. Recommendation? Think twice before getting one, or at least don't forget your reasons for getting one!

Pre-Advanced more than 6 years ago

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