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I have gone through the long complicated process of getting married in Spain to my Spanish partner. I thought, being an American, a lawyer was the best route to help. ITS NOT! Unless you know of a VERY good lawyer, they are just scam artists taking your money. We paid almost 500 euros and the only thing the lawyer did was walk our papers to the civil registry. We had to find information, find out how to get it, and do everything. Then even after the civil registry filing the lawyer tried to ask MORE money in order to help us find a smaller pueblo to get married in. Totally ridiculous.

My point of writing this is to encourage you to go to the Civil Registry with our partner. Especially in Barcelona City at the Civil Registry 1 the women there were 100x more helpful to us than lawyers. They are friendly, open, and if you speak with them they can really help you. In the end we cared more about our "party" than the actual ceremony. Doing a ceremony in the Civil Registry means waiting for 6 months or more. She suggested to us a public notario. Unbelievably we didn't even know this was an option. She was shocked we paid for a lawyer and the lawyer did so little. She said we could have gone through the process much faster. I have to say every single woman we spoke with at the Civil Registry was friendly, open, understanding, and took their time to help. The same cannot be said of lawyers.

David 185 days ago

To get married in Barcelona

The best way to get married in Barcelona if you aren't Spanish citizens is contacting the services of a professional wedding planner. There are some good agencies in Barcelona and they can easily help you with all the organization. I would recommend you to contact Belle Day but there are some others too.

Jonc more than 1 year ago

To Marry

Hi my partner and I would like to marry in Barcelona on Monday 27th May.
I've tried contacted the town hall but the tel number just goes dead.
Iv spoken to the british consulate and they say we have to get permission and then the some documents will be required. I'm guessing the ones you have stated above. Is it possible for 2 british citizens who live in the uk to marry while on their holiday? and can we send copies of out passports etc because I feel a little uncomfortable sending them off just before we go away anywhere.
Perhaps you can advise.

Karen more than 3 years ago

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