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Dear A - thanks for your comment. We are currently in the process of organising another forum for September but on a different subject. I think bull-fighting is a topic that would lend itself well to a forum-type debate and we will keep it in mind for the future.
Best wishes, Katy (Metropolitan)

Katy MacGregor more than 6 years ago


I really enjoyed the forum about catalan nationalism, would it be possible for Barcelona Metropolitan to do a similar one on bullfighting?

A more than 6 years ago

Ban bullfighting

One of the measures of a civilised, humane and progressive society is the way it treats its defenceless and voiceless members - and this includes animals. Bullfighting is indefensible cruelty, degarding to all who participate and witness it and, worst of all, inflicting terrible suffering unto death on an innocent creature - all in the name of entertainment. Ban it!

Professor Barry Spurr more than 6 years ago

Bull fighting

I am interested to see your clarification: "the Running of the Bulls (participating animals are later penned until evening, when they are killed in the bullfights that take place throughout the festival). "
Tire them out first, get more entertainment, then slaughter them [for food I suppose - waste not, want not].
I was interested to read another article that there is a move to ban bull fighting in Catalonia. As far as I am concerned the sooner the better. It is a cruel and barbaric sport and we have progesseda long way in 1300 years - though it looks as if Spain and Mexco have lagged behind.
Here in Australia there are neothandal rednecks who would like to see bull fighting inAustralia,but it s not allowed. Riding bulls is bad enough!
Therer are illegal dog and cock fights, but don't usually last long before someonespots them reportsthem, and they areprosecuted.

Mrs. P Ferguson more than 6 years ago

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