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Theory driving test

I've found the most complete website until the moment to test my knowledge to get the theory exam. Is http://www.practicatest.com/en/spanish-driving-test . You can do as many exams as you want (I think there are at least 2000 different) and in different categories: DGT exams, intelligent tests etc... They also have the theoretical book online for free. I highly recommend it. I hope this to be helpful.

Alicia 75 days ago

Driving School Review

I am a 72 year old American male who wanted to drive in Spain but was intimidated by the reputation Spain has for its driver licensing exams. The horror stories abound and one can easily be dissuaded from even trying. After getting my NIE I decided to take the plunge and signed up with Corsa Autoescuela because of they offered an intensive course in English and had good reviews. I couldn’t have been more pleased. They are exceptionally professional and take you step by step through the process with the total focus being to prepare you to pass the theory and practical exams. Belén in the office handled all admin matters and answered all my questions, holding my hand through all the various steps (sign up, medical exam, class study and driving practice). Veronica did a great job teaching our class all the rules necessary to pass the theory exam and Domingos patiently gave me the driving experience needed to pass the practical driving exam. Their knowledge the examination processes and requirements gave me the “inside” information to help me anticipate and avoid misunderstanding that can arise when you are in a different culture. As a result I aced both tests, including zero errors on the practical exam. Overall I have to say the experience was a good one and I am now a much better driver (and pedestrian!). Hello Europe, here we come! 10/15

Roderic more than 1 year ago

Drivers License

License Validity:

They are valid to lead in Spain all the permissions sent by the European Union.
Other countries licenses will be valid in Spain providing that they are not expired and providing that they no more than 6 months have passed since its holder has acquired the normal residence in Spain.

After these 6 months its holder will have to:
- Exchange his license for a Spanish license if an agreement exists with the country that issued it: http://www.dgt.es/portal/es/oficina_virtual/conductores/canje_permisos

- Obtain the Spanish permission overcoming the corresponding tests.

The process:

The tests to obtain the license are; a theoretical examination of 30 multiple choice questions and a practical test of traffic on public roads of approximately 25 minutes of duration.
Corsa Driving School facilitates for you all the necessary steps to obtain your driving license.
For the practical driving instruction, we have vehicles with manual or automatic transmissions. In the latter case the permission remains limited to vehicles that have an automatic transmission.

The Spanish government allows doing the knowledge test in English, and in Corsa Driving School we have teachers and all of the necessary material to pass the examination with facility and in a short period of time.

Corsa Driving School l is the only Autoschool that has a department specializing in driving instruction in English language for all those persons who need to exchange or to obtain a driving license in this language.

We also organize theoretical intensive courses of two weekends of duration.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at:
or call 932 003 324

Eduardo Garcia more than 3 years ago

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