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This is not North Korea

I am a die-hard fan of the mullet. To those other mullet-wearing Americans: don't let others dictate what your personal character is even if your mullet is a part of that whether it is your family, friends, coworkers,etc. The last time I checked, this is the United States of America, not the communist Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (North Korea). I'm always prepared to go to war against anyone whom challenges my right to wear my hair in any form I choose.

Erik Weseman more than 6 years ago


its only hair.

rob more than 6 years ago

helmet hair

I can't shake the negative associations I have with this hairstyle. As far as why - I had been assuming that it's one of the only looks that doesn't look worse after wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Ameriguiri more than 7 years ago

It must be Summer.

I wondered why this old article shows up in my RSS feed.

But you probably can reuse these articles every year when nothing else is happening. This one seems to be from June 2006.

Christof more than 7 years ago


I agree the mullet rocks!!!!!!

Jon Bon more than 7 years ago

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