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Not that easy

As a UK citizen I tried to get a temporary NIE since I don't have my own lease contract yet. I was told by the Foreigner's office that EU citizens may not get a temporary NIE that we need to get the regular one. Since I don' t have an Empadronamiento, this proves difficult. I was able to stay with a friend and went to his City Hall to get the empadronamiento, but they now have changed the rules (starting Sept 5 2016), so now you need a Cita Previa to get the empadronamiento. (To schedule this online, I had to provide a spanish phone number, which I also don't have and can't get without a NIE!) They also said I have to bring the original lease contract with the statement from my friend, copy of his passport and NIE for me to register. Guess its not that easy for EU citizens after all.

Drea 37 days ago

Re: Not that easy

I had no problems getting a Spanish prepaid SIM-card at the electronics store in Terminal 1 in Barcelona airport. I only needed to show my passport. I haven't found an easy way to get an NIE, though. I don't think Spanish bureaucrats would get the message from Catch-22.

Jim 34 days ago

NIE with UK job contract

Hi guys,

I am going to be relocating to Barcelona at the end of the month and taking on freelance work from the UK through SmartIB. Will a job contract from the UK be adequate to obtain an NIE? If not, what is the best route to take? Thanks!

Graham 128 days ago

Lost the proof of appointment

Yo guys,
I have made an appointment for extending NIE, but I cannot find the proof of appointment file anywhere. Is there a way for me to get it again?

Ronald 184 days ago

Trouble gaining an appointment for NIE

Has anyone else recently been having trouble accessing the electronic office website to book an appointment for an NIE number? The last few days it seems to be down... can anyone help me find out where to book this appointment? I am an EU citizen and need to apply for the temporary NIE. Thanks!

Neil Sharma 311 days ago

Minimum amount for NIE

Hi folks! Does anyone know which is the minimum amount per married couple to obtain NIE? Do you think 6000-7000 euros are enough for it? In order to deposit this amount I need to open there a bank account., but which bank will accept that without having NIE? I appreciate your help.Thank you!

Lav 323 days ago

NIE from the embassy

The best and easiest way to apply NIE number is from the Spanish embassy anywhere abroad. You fill in the application in their office and pay the fee around 11 euros. Then they will email you the NIE number certificate in about week. I found it to be the most easy way to get it. The certificate is valid 3 months. Then if you need to get new valid certificate you just go to any national police in Spain and they print you new valid certificate. That you must pay and pick it up in day or two. You will need to give them photocopy of your passport when you do the renewal of the NIE certificate. I hope this helps some people to get their NIE.

Timothy 333 days ago

Stolen NIE

Hi does anyone know how i can retrieve a new NIE card? As the one i had was stolen while i was on a road trip here in Spain. My car was broken into and all my belonging were stolen and therefore i am now searching ways on how i can retrieve another NIE Card.

Lorraine more than 1 year ago


Hi there! I read well all your comments and I understood that if I need to get NIE and I have not job in Spain,I need to show them that I have min.6000 euro in Spanish Bank accaount and show them this certificate about balance.(in comments I read that many people are interested how can they do this without NIE...Today I called in La Caixa Bank and I explained my situation and he told me that I can go to any branch and make a deposit.I think in this situation we can only make a deposit but not other permits).So if I have this certificate from the Spanish Bank,have an appointment,have a fill in application form and copy of my passport I can apply for NIE or I need also some letter from the notary?

Stefan more than 1 year ago

NIE without employment contract

I am British citizen that has just arrived in Barcelona. I plan to apply for English teaching jobs, but don't have a job offer yet. Can I be issued an NIE without a job offer, on the basis that I am looking for employment?

Jacob Matthews more than 1 year ago

NIE w/o employment contract also

I'm a former ESL teacher. I'm in a worse situation than you. You've got an edge over me because I'm American, not an EU resident. I'm recently retired on a pension, but I wanted to teach again. I'm staying in Marbella and I sent out my CV to a dozen English schools. Some sent out attachments online, but all applications ask for an NIE and an EU SS#. I don't have any of that. Your case should be straight forward. Get your NIE application in Barcelona at the local police dept. Start the process and you'll get it right away.
In my case, I'll have to return to the states and go to the Spanish embassy and do it there. It's a long process, but at least I learned rather quickly of the red tape situation here in Spain.

Jaime Pimienta more than 1 year ago

Appointment location

I am staying in Sant Adria des Besos. I have no empadronamiento as I've only just arrived in Barcelona and this is just a temporary room I booked through Airbnb. The website only gave me the option of booking an appointment at the RAMBLA GUIPUSCOA office, so I booked an appointment there. Will my application be accepted there, or will I have to have my appointment at the Sant Adria des Besos office?

Jacob Matthews more than 1 year ago


My house is located in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat".
I have received empadronamiento from L'Hospitalet de Llobregat's municipality.
But, I set an appointment time in RAMBLA GUIPUSCOA 74. BARCELONA. 08020 for 5th November 2015.
I would be very grateful if you help me about my appointment location. My exact question is:
Can I receive my NIE card from RAMBLA GUIPUSCOA 74. BARCELONA. 08020 or I should set an new appointment time in
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat police office????

Omid more than 1 year ago


I am registered at Barcelona and had previously set an appointment for the NIE at L'Hospitalet, but a day later I received an email asking me to cancel that appointment if I was "empadronado" at Barcelona instead of L'Hospitalet. So I guess it goes both ways

Cristóbal more than 1 year ago

Does the NIE expire?

Hi there, I am a EU citizen and obtained my NIE (green paper) back in 2009 when I started working here in Barcelona. I am wondering if the NIE expires at some point and has to be renovated?
So far the authorities couldn't give me a clear response neither...

SannyN more than 1 year ago


I tried so many times to book an appointment.. its a nightmare the page is just slow and it kept saying there are no spaces... After 3 weeks I found an app and did it through the app. And it worked.. it took like 30 mins of trying to submit any info that I put but at least it happened.

E.Uso more than 1 year ago


Hi, what is the name of the app?

federico more than 1 year ago



The link to the app is at the bottom of the "INTERNET CITA PREVIA" page.

Duncan more than 1 year ago


is there some link between the government and gestors (ie do the gestors give a kick back to the government for all the work the get because the government systems don't work)

Iain more than 1 year ago

Apointment for NIE

Anyone know if it's possible to make an apointment for nie that is NOT published on the web? I need one for october

Peter more than 1 year ago


You have to make the appointment though the official website which is a bit hit and miss. They say there are no vacancies and to check again in the future but I didn't have any luck with this. My advice would be to use a Gestoria which I did and I must say it was worth the money as they do everything for you including booking the appointment.

Bradley more than 1 year ago


i'm having similar problems. Which gestoria did you use? Did they guarantee you an appointment?

Annie more than 1 year ago

NIE effectuated long time ago

I had an appointment in October and everything went fine. Then I went to a bank in order to pay these 10.60 euros but I never went back to the NIE offices. Is there a deadline or do you think I can still go there now (in June)? I was away for a while so I forgot and after could not do it.

Nelly more than 1 year ago

Need more than passport for 3 months

"All EU citizens can get a NIE that lasts for three months with just their passport." Unfortunately this statement has not proven true with my experience. I have had two appointments there now and both times been rejected as you need to have proof of a job offer, proof you have signed up to a language school or proof you have enough money in your bank account. I said I needed it for an interview for a job, also need a Spanish bank account, needed a mobile phone contract and wanted it to use the city's bikes. None of this mattered. They just want the money coming in!

Hannah more than 1 year ago

The dog chasing its tail

The same happened to me today. I'm a EU citizen, I found a job and they just need my NIE to make me a contract but in the office they ask you for a contract or a job offer. The company about to hire for some reason has a no job offer policy... so no NIE no contract, no contract no NIE.

Ayary more than 1 year ago


this sucks!

alex more than 1 year ago

Hi Hannah

I have an appointment for the 3 month NIE in soon. How much money is needed in a bank account for the 3 month NIE? What do they accept as proof, Is a printed balance from online banking enough? Can it be in a UK or foreign bank account, or does it have to be Spanish? Thanks for your help

Jen more than 1 year ago


The law changed some 2 years ago. You are indeed correct as a NIE is not given out without a job contract, student enrollement or around Euro 6/7k in the bank. The 3 month advice on BCN Metropolitan is outdated and incorrect. Its nothing to do with wanting money coming in, but simply to ensure that services that are already overwhelmed are not abused by those who do not contribute. You can obtain a NIE with a job contract/offer letter.

Chirimoya more than 1 year ago

NIE - appointments

Is it JUST me, or is the government deliberately stopping people in certain places applying for NIEs? In Barcelona there have apparently been 'no appointments available' for at least 6 weeks. This seems an absurd way to stop people from registering their presence in Spain. Ultimately, it doesn't stop people from living here. It just stops us from ever paying income taxes, which means less income for the Spanish government. And they wonder why they're stuck in an economic mess?

Andrew more than 1 year ago


You need an employment contract, student enrollment document or around 6k in the bank. These are the only 3 ways to get a nie. The law changed some 2 yrs ago. It takes a while to get an appointment. Monday morning is the best time to try the online appointment system.

chirimoya more than 1 year ago


But how do you get an employment contract without the NIE? Companies require that you have it to issue a contract.

Ayary more than 1 year ago


You simply need an offer letter. Explain to the employer the new rules. Often they are unaware of the changes.

Chirimoya more than 1 year ago


You can ask company for a written offer. From my (recent) experience it's also valid for getting NIE.

PiRX more than 1 year ago

TIE - appointments

On monday morning, their website is so busy that the server is unable to process the demands. I refreshed the page from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm and never was able to obtain an appointment. There must be some other way to get an appointment, is it?

Jacob more than 1 year ago

changing address

where do I go to change my address from Ibiza to Barcelona. I have my NIE But im a resindent in the Balearic Islands I need to change it to Barcelona

Daniel more than 2 years ago


Every time I try to book an appointment on the site (https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es) it tells me there are no appointments available - it's been going on for weeks now. Is there another way to book an appointment?

Zoe more than 2 years ago


I am Brazilian, I have a student visa for Spain valid till 02/12/2014.
I changed the school.
Can I apply to the NIE, with the other institution that I will pursue my studies at?
Another question: If I don't do my NIE, because I did not register in this school of origin, can I still enter as a tourist?
Thank you

laia more than 2 years ago

Bank Account Balance

What I don't get is how can I get a copy bank balance stamped by a spanish bank when I need an NIE to open a Spanish bank account?

Re Appointment: I didn't need a print out just told them the time of my appointment and my name.

Joan more than 2 years ago


Do I definitely need to book an appointment online? If so how far in advance? The majority of links I have clicked on seem to be expired. Any help greatly appreciated

Kirsty more than 2 years ago

NIE appointment (Do I need the actual Printout confirmation?)

Hi there, I booked my NIE appointment online, and have a confirmation date/time, but i was unable to see an option where i could print it out, do i need this? and if so, how do i go abouts getting it back? :-/ any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

nads more than 2 years ago

Bank Account Balance for NIE

I got my NIE in September. According to the government, a two-person family must have at least 8,600 euros in their Spanish bank account. Additionally, this balance must be reflected on a balance certificate, which you can get from your Spanish Bank. Trust me, it was a total pain (and very expensive) to move money around to hit that 8,600 euro mark. I'm glad it's over.

Duren more than 2 years ago

papers for NIE

Hi guys,

Reading you posts I'm getting more and more confused, so I want to put several questions:

How much is the minimum amount of money required for a person?
Does this amount need to be in a Spanish bank?
If I am a EU citizen and have a health insurance at my home country which can be proved by showing a European health card, do I need to get a medical insurance in Spain?

The purpose I need the for is for opening a private Ltd. company, so I would very much appreciate if you someone with a similar experience can share the procedure!

Thanks in advance!

Mariana more than 3 years ago


Hi Mariana, I am pretty sure you dont need a certain amount of money in your bank, just need to have a job in place before you can apply for the NIE. which is pretty straight forward.... The health insurance you will have to apply for, but again its very straight forward and you'll need you NIE before applying for that.

Peter more than 3 years ago


You can go here to book your appointment:





We are EU citizens of UK and finding it very hard, been there a couple of times already, at this point we have confirmed you need:

i) Valid Passport take 2 photocopies

ii) Letter from Spain Bank with Stamp stating you bank balance, we were advised €13,000 for a couple would be adequate to prove you have the means to live in Spain -or- proof of work in Spain if you have a job

iii) 3 Passport photos

iv) Proof (original) that you have health insurance

Good luck everyone, it seems very hideous but I understand that they want to make sure only people with money get in :)

Dino more than 3 years ago

Getting your appointment

I went to Guipuscoa and the man there very kindly gave me a slip of paper telling me how to make an appointment. The slip of paper reads exactly what I've put below:
3) Marcar la provincia
Elegir la opcion: CERTIFICADO UE (Solo Barcelona Capital)

With the help of Google translate it was pretty easy to do. I got an appointment for a weeks time but I'm not sure if its quiet because its the summer. Hope that helps!

Jenny more than 3 years ago


Jenny your advice seemed to work for me! thank you. Although my appointment is for a month's time :(

Jen more than 3 years ago


Is it seriously this easy? I am an EU citizen. I thought I had to schedule an appointment, so I did: Sept. 4. But this article makes it sound like I can walk in to the office on Guipuscoa and get an NIE very quickly. Do they take walk-in appointments for EU citizens?

James Duren more than 3 years ago


So, James, how did you go about making the appointment? People below seem to have had trouble finding how/where to make this appointment?

Bernard more than 3 years ago

Last comment was for appointment at C/Rambla de Guipúscoa 74

please add to my last comment that it was for an appointment at C/Rambla de Guipúscoa 74

Peter - Poblenou more than 3 years ago


You now need to have an appointment that you have pre-booked online at ww.seap.minhap.gob.es (yes it needs 3 'w's but this is how they give it to you on a bit of paper). They will not give you an appointment there. I cannot find where to make an appointment on this website - any help appreciated. Unhelpful to say the least - I get the feeling that they are trying to stop people getting their NIEs? Either that or they are just being even more unhelpful / inefficient / useless than usual.

Peter - Poblenou more than 3 years ago

NIE - did you find out how to do?

Hi Peter, Poblenou. Did you find out how to book an appointment and get through the NIE-process? I also went to C/Rambla de Guipuscoa yesterday and was "kicked-out" given a slip with notes for booking an appointment. But I really can´t find out how this site works? Any help...?

Karin, Raval more than 3 years ago


Hello Karin, did you found out how to book an appointment?

Anja more than 3 years ago


From what I understand it's definitely not as straightforward now as it used to be. I am living here with my boyfriend and don't yet have work, so don't have an employment contract. I have just spent the last two days getting my NIE.

The process for me, as a non-working person, was as follows:
1. Passport + copy (make sure it's on an A4 bit of paper)
2. Recent bank statement with my name showing that I have significant funds to live. This needed to be stamping by my Caixa Catalunya bank and signed as extra confirmation.
3. I have Sanitas health cover and needed to show my card, policy and a letter from a local Sanitas Oficina to further confirm + copies
4. Completed NIE form

Hope this helps anyone that needs.

Zoe more than 3 years ago

recovering your NIE

I don't think they have an expiry date, but if they do you will have to reapply. If you reapply and there is no expiry they will find you on the system again.

you might try have a look on this website: https://w30.bcn.cat/APPS/portaltramits/portal/channel/default.html?&stpid=20030000319&style=ciudadano&language=es

You can also call 012 from spain and ask to speak to "Autorización de residencia para extranjeros en régimen comunitario y para comunitarios / Registro Central de Extranjeros." You will need to provide them with your national identification/passport number withwich you originally registered and they should be able to find it if it doesn't have an expiry date.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

isabelleok more than 4 years ago

NIE Green Paper

Greetings, ( Hola) I have my Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union, (The green paper) it has not an expiry date, it has only an issued date back in 2009, I was under the impression that the document is valid for 5 years only, and then the applicant has to re-apply for a new one, but according to you it is not necessary to obtain a new one, now can you confirm that is the case please??? my email address: ( backderoda@hotmail.com ) thank you for your assistance, Paul

Paul Aguayo more than 3 years ago

back again

i worked in spain over ten years ago, how do i find my nie no. from over ten years ago,do i have to re apply, thanks for your help!!!

martin more than 4 years ago

Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union

I applied for an obtained the "Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union". I soon discovered that it is totally useless; it is not a valid ID (it states so). You are officially bound to hand in your old NIE card on receiving this unless you have officially lost it, hehehe) Officially, you need to carry you passport. You can also use a convalidated driver's licence, which is a handy size, if you don't fancy going absolutely everywhere with you passport.

Ju more than 4 years ago

Temporary contract

I am an English teacher and at the moment I just have a work contract for July. I have my 3 month NIE but need the permanent one to be entitled to healthcare. Will they accept a contract which runs out in two weeks? I'm paying social security through my work, surely that should mean I'm entitled to healthcare. There is no teaching work in August or September and my nie will run out by then. Can you please advise me of my options?

Jan more than 4 years ago

Re. Incorrect URL

Dear Andy - Thanks for lettings us know. I've amended it now.

Best wishes, Katy (Metropolitan)

Katy MacGregor more than 6 years ago

Incorrect URL

The URL in the article above is incorrect - it has an extra full-stop at the end. It should be the following:


(note there is no full-stop after "....html")

Andy Castles more than 6 years ago


Wish I had come across your magazine/website sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time and effort. Thanks for the useful advice.

Tracey more than 6 years ago


Thanks so much for the info - it's really appreciated!

Christina more than 6 years ago

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