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Silk Carre Hermes March 25, 2014

Lost my favorite silk carre on Consel de Cent near Aranea Hotel. It was windy day. It is orange with turqouse print, indian collection 2008. hrh@ro.ru Hope it will get to a good person :)

he3h more than 2 years ago

Sony video camera lost at bench October 2013 Montjuic near Van Der Rohe pavilion

I have lost Sony video camera in a bag with hat at bench on Montjuic near Van Der Rohe pavilion.
Would be great to get it back. Or i can sent power supply and remote controller for camera if only hat will be returned to my wife. m79@list.ru

Mike more than 2 years ago

Lost Black samsung Galaxy camera

I lost my black Samsung GALAXY Camera in Barcelona taxi on evening of 8th November 2013m the taxi would have start from the spanish Village, unless the driver picked another passenger from other taxi rank, i am not really keen with the camera but the pictures and pictures of children in it. if anyone found this u can email me the pictures and video or send me the memory. or email me for details, vicapril@gmail.com or vicaprill@hotmail.com, Thank you . God Bless your kindness.

Victoria Payne more than 3 years ago

camera lost

I lost my Canon powershot small, black camera in a Barcelona taxi on Weds, Oct 16. Would love the pictures of my beautiful trip to Spain, Portugal and France. Email is judijm@comcast.net and my address is 7198 S. Versailles Way, Aurora, CO 80016. Will pay dearly for the pictures.

Judith Minderler more than 3 years ago

lost digital camera

Hi all, I have lost my Casio Camera in a taxi model SERA on 14th Sep'13 eve. I was dropped by taxi at Rabla in Barcelona. I would really request if some could get me the camera along with the pictures I had clicked in Barcelona. My email id : axiskamalarora@gmail.com and contact is : 0091- 9911555545

kamal arora more than 3 years ago

Lost white Nikon camera in taxi

Hi all, i lost my white Nikon camera in a taxi on sep 7th in a taxi around 4 p.m. I would really appreciate it if someone could send me the pictures: caroschaefer79@googlemail.com
Muchos gracias!!!

Carrie more than 3 years ago

Lost backpack in airport

Hi all, I lost my backpack in Barcelona terminal A airport on Saturday evening. I had my passport, laptop, camera and external drive in it. If you found it or by any chance had it, I hope we can make a deal because although all the equiments are cheap, the data in my red Acer laptop contains my 3 years of working and pictures, and I also need my passport to go home. So if you have any information regarding the bag, please contact me at j_xker@yahoo.com. Thank you very much

Trung more than 3 years ago

Nikon blanco impermeable camera!!

perdí mi cámara en el opium bar anoche. es muy barato , pero hay una recompensa por valor de más si es devuelto.
Por favor, envíe fotos por correo electrónico- Chloe.o@hotmail.com or llamar 692504322. Muchos gracias!!!

Hi lost a cheap waterproof camera at opium last night. If found, I just want my photos. Please email chloe.o@hotmail.com no questions asked. Thanks (:

Chloë more than 3 years ago

Sony Digital Camera

I lost my sony digital camera in barcelona while visiting the Barcelona Stadium-Camp Nou. It was in a gray bag. Please send me the pictures and keep the camera..... Please

Amal Dabbah-mlnasp@msn.com more than 3 years ago

stolen bag with items

Had my bag stolen on barceloneta beach last night (14 Aug) had my blackerry, wallet and camera in it. If anyone finds any of these items would greatly apprectiate it.
my blackberry is white and a few years old,
camera is also a year or two old, plenty of photos on it.
wallet - black DKNY cards in it.

Laura Reynders more than 3 years ago

Lost iphone 4s on L3 Green line

My iphone was either dropped or stolen, August 9th around 10am on the L3 train green train from Les Corts to Passeige de Gracia. It has a case with van gogh olive trees on it. I am really upset because it contains very meaningful pictures on it that I would really like to have back mostly of my dog who recently passed away and pictures from vacation. I can´t track it either because the data is turned off. Please if anyone has found it please please please return it! you can contact me at chloewllms@gmail.com
Thank you

Chloe williams more than 3 years ago


I lost a red camera. All the pictures are in magaluf. Theres 6 girls mainly... Really want it back !! If anyone has any information it would be much apprciated. I lost it in the El Delfin Verde region. Thanks

Aoife more than 3 years ago

Lost Iphone 5 in a taxi cab

I left my iphone 5 in a taxi on the way to barcelona airport. The taxi guy denies it but I'm pretty certain it was left in his cab. Has hundreds of holiday pictures, which are now all gone :( . I cant retrieve it personally since I am back in India, however it can be delivered to a local address in Barcelona. If you find it or know of any way in which i can try and retrieve it through the cab company please get in touch with me at anoopmenona@gmail.com

anoop more than 3 years ago

Lost black Samsung camera 20th-21st july

I lost my black Samsung camera over the weekend on the beach near CDLC club. I'm not interested in camera but really want to find SD memory card containing hundreds of holiday pics. Any info please email lsimpson872@gmail.com

Laura Simpson more than 3 years ago

Lost Olive Green Backpack In Taxi From Airport

On June 27, 2013 I left my olive green backpack in a cab transporting us from Barcelona airport into the City around 00;15. It contained a USA passport, Nikon Coolpix S210 digital camera, Kindle Fire HD tablet and iPhone. The camera contained an SD card with over 500 photos from my previous travels a week earlier. I'm interested in retrieving the SD card. I cannot return to the property office as I am back in the USA. The backpack can be visually identified by a small compass and blue key fob hanging on he outside flap
Please email dwarfdog1025@gmail.com if it is located

R Faniro more than 3 years ago

Lost Iphone 4s

Please help, my Iphone may have been dropped at the beach in Barcelona. It is white, with a black cover on it that says "Fancy as Fuck" on the back. I lost it about 2 to 3 days ago. Please help if you have it, please return it. Thanks! carlylauren3@hotmail.com

Carly Lauren more than 3 years ago

Lost Blackberry Mobile Phone.

On Thursday 11th July, I lost my Blackberry mobile phone in the La Farga area, Barcelona. Please contact me on kjassat@biolog.com.

K Jassat more than 3 years ago

Camcorder left in Taxi

On Sunday 16th June 2013 approx. 11am we left our JVC camcorder in a taxi we had taken from the cruise port to Pl Catalunya. It contained lots of invaluable family memories. frankmccu@eircom.net

Frank McCullough more than 3 years ago

Foto Camera Panasonic Lumix

In Friday 5th july 2013 in the afternoon I lost my Camera at the Ramblas. The photos on the Memory Card are Important for me. Thanks for your help. rudolf@egger.co.at

Rudi more than 3 years ago

Stolen Sony dx-100 cyber shot camera

My camera was in my stolen bag, stolen on 29 June 2013. Serial s01-5273709-J. I really want the photos! Reward offered.

Melissa Lambrianew more than 3 years ago

Lost a wallet Thursday 13th June

Lost my wallet luckily for me not my card just my driving license and some other identification. This is abit of a long shot but why not. Email me on buttonpusher_@hotmail.co.uk

Daniel Cain more than 3 years ago

Found digital camera in a taxi Wednesday night 12th June

Hi! I found a digital camera on the back seat of a taxi around 12am on the 13th of June. Please email me with a description of your camera and last photos. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Clara therockinghouse@gmail.com more than 3 years ago

Robbed flat tyre scammed

I have been scammed flat tyre

My husband and I has been robbed we was scammed , a motor bike slashed our tyre and then he stole my bag which a camera , gold jewelery , hair iron and our Pass Port.

Sameera khan and Willem Kruk more than 3 years ago

i for get my keys with chain

i lost my home and other key with chain in nite bus N6 at am 3.00 tody please if any one found infarm me as soon as

nadeem more than 4 years ago

lost my very important key with chain in auto bus n6

i lost my home and parsonal key with chain in auto bus n6 please if someone found tell me .11.19.2012 at 3.00 am

nadeem asif muhammad more than 4 years ago

Lost Video Camcorder and Photo Camera

Recently on September 28,2012 I lost my video camcorder(samsung hmx 300) and Photo Camera (Sony Cybershot ).They were toghether in one camera bag ( In the bag pocket was also 100$) around the becycle stop (near the hotel Travessera). They are very very important things for me. If anyone found it I will be extremely happy and will give him/her the cost of camcorder and photo camera as a present for returning them.For me are extremely important the memory cards . My E-mail is: davidmail06@yahoo.com . Sorry for my not so good english :-)

David more than 4 years ago

Lost Wallet and shades . If anyone found it ,please email me contact co-ordinates.


I am currently on my eurotrip . Yesterday (19th Sep'2012) I lost my sunglasses on the beachside in barcelona . After reaching my hotel room I realized that I might have left it on the beachside corridor , so I went to search the same - Very unfortunately in this trip I lost my wallet in the bus . Just an hopeful attempt , if I can get 'em back. I have my id's in it , so if anyone seems to find it - It would be extremely wonderful if you can drop me a line at verma.karninder@gmail.com

Karninder more than 4 years ago

Bolsa con Claves

Bolsa polipiel marrón y dentro CLAVES (2 uno para la coche y un para la habittation nos amigos) los Claves son mas importante porque no tienemos un otre clave para la coche y no sabemos que venir a regreso..... y un pequenia bolsa con 4 euro...

Linda y Julia

Linda Löchte more than 4 years ago

lost silver Olympus 8 MP digital camera with 2 GB xD memory card

the night of Friday August 31 was my last night in Barcelona after visiting friends for almost a week..my Scottish friend Hazel and I went to the Nass Project opening party that evening..here's a link with more info on the venue/event: http://www.facebook.com/eugenia.jean/posts/182797831855403 ..after getting drinks inside the Restaurant Bar (located near the beach area of Barceloneta) we sat outside on a public wooden bench fairly close to the entrance doors ..this was the last time i used my digital camera, where i took 2 photos of the Restaurant Bar venue with some of the guests in attendance standing outside ..it's possible the camera inside it's black leather case got accidentally left behind on the bench ..i realized i lost my camera the following morning when i woke up ..my concern is more to retrieve the photos on the memory card so i hope that my camera ended up or will end up in good hands!

Eugenia Jean Pantopoulos more than 4 years ago

Lost red&black fliptop cellphone on open bus

Left my Samsung phone on the Barcelona open-top tourist hop on-hop off "Bus Turiste", on thursday 26th July when I got off at Gaudi Cathedral. In case it has been found please email comlew@xtra.co.nz. (SAMSUNG gt 55511T).
Serial number of the phone is: 357 4690 448 13513
Serial number of the Sim Card is: 640 5002 16868 70902

Sue more than 4 years ago

found memory card at Barcelona beach

between 10 and 25 August I found a Sony 1Gb memory card.
If It is yours contact me at aleix23@gmail.com

aleix more than 4 years ago

Lost Nikon D70 camera - La Rambla

Hi, I have lost my Nikon D70 camera in our way home to La Rambla in the evening (around 10pm) of the date of 19th August 2012. The camera was in a bag with 2 other small suvenirs. If someone find it please send me an email fugaruraluca@yahoo.com.

thanks a lot for help!!!

Raluca Mihaiu more than 4 years ago

Lost 4GB SD-memory card

Somewhere between 23 july and 5 august I lost my 4GB SD-memorycard in Barcelona or Sabadell. There are a lot of pictures on it. If someone finds it, I really would like you to send me the pictures. Then you can keep the memorycard! E-mail me at hannahbremer@gmail.com.

Hannah more than 4 years ago

lost Sony Powershot in taxi

I lost my red Sony camera on Wednesday night, June 20th, coming from the club Shoko going back to Las Ramblas, at around 3 or 4 AM. It has all of my pictures from my Europe trip. It has a crack at the top and the bottom of it. If anyone finds my camera, you can reach me by this e-mail: thle15@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Mai-Vy more than 4 years ago

Lost a bunch of ID cards

Hi, I have lost of a bunch of ID cards in barcelona. Includes Indian PAN card, Voter id and driving license.

Please please help!!!

Shilpa more than 4 years ago

Sony Cybershot Camera lost in Taxi

I forgot my Camera in a taxi on Saturday evening 7 July around 23h30pm. Taxi dropped us off around at Carrer del Commerc. Close to corner of C de Commerç and Carrer de la Ribera. If found please contact reinhardtvanzyl@live.co.za.

Reinhardt van Zyl more than 4 years ago

found sony handycam

on June 27, 2012 I found a Sony handycam video camera by Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Looking for owner. Will return with correct description and detail of videos.
contact me at nuzhatfyahya@gmail.com

nuzi yahya more than 4 years ago

Lost camera and phone

My friend and I were travelling for poble espanyol to barceloneta beach on July 1 at around 3 am. We think we left our camera, phone and id either in the taxi or on the beach. the phone I a blackberry bold and the camera is a canon sd1300 is. There are very many sentimental photos on both of these items. I do not need the camera back just the sim card. These were in a black clutch with a Swiss Id and a student id. Any information on these items would be wonderful. A generous reward will be given. Please these are greatly important to us.

Please email me at kzmonica@yahoo.com

Thank you so much

Monica more than 4 years ago

stolen camera

My canon 600d camera got stolen june 11 in barcelona, the sd card was full of skateboarding videos and it had a lot of pictures also. This sd card has al lot of sentimental value so if anyone finds this sd card please contact me ossemeyer@gmail.com

thank you!

Oskar Meyer more than 4 years ago

Lost Fuji Finepix EXR200 camera on Metro

My camera seemed to be stolen on the Metro Jaime I station on Wednesday 27th June 2012. I don´t really care much about the camera, but really want the memory card back, if anyone found the camera please email photo to shuyongjen@hotmail.com
Thank you

Hawkins more than 4 years ago

Stolen Camera - June 2012

Our Black Panasonic Lumix was stolen in Barcelona on Monday 11th June 2012 in or around the Hard Rock Cafe. Really not bothered about the camera but would love the memory card back as all the pictures on there are of our annual holiday. pics include my 2 boys at the nou camp. please contact tiggs_wilkins@hotmail.com
Thank You

Toni Wilkins more than 4 years ago

Lost camera

Nikon D5100 in gray Tamarac travel bag stolen on June 7 from the front seat of our car in Barcelona. Over 600 pictures of France and Spain from our engagement, was devastated to lose them. Will offer reward for one memory card which was in the camera. Please contact Anne at blue45633@gmail.com. Thank you.

Anne more than 4 years ago

Lost Nikon Coolpix Camera

My wife and I believe we left our camera in a taxi on 6-5-12 traveling at 3:30AM from ICE Barcelona in Port Olympic to the HCC Taber Hotel on Carrer d'Aragó. The camera is a Nikon Coolpix. We are wiling to offer a reward for the memory card containing photos of our 2 week vacation. We don't care about the camera.

If additional details are needed or if found please email me at clay_james99@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much,

Clay more than 4 years ago

lost camera

Lost camera in barcelona by the marina on Sunday 3rd June. If found please email photos to vickytoria_85@hotmail.com

vic more than 4 years ago

Lost a Bag

It is a Rucksack, a bag. The color is black and grey. The Brand is "Quechua".
Here is the same model:


It contained several souvenirs, mostly Gaudi-like. The was a box in it with a milk and sugar can, which was very colorful. Further it contained a folder with documents for a flight with easyjet and a Hotel named "Catalonia Castellnou".
There is also my name on the documents: Alexander Gesing

Further on, it contained a white Ipad 2. It had a green silicon case and a grey cover.

Thank you very much!

Please contact alexandergesing@googlemail.com

Es una mochila, una bolsa. El color es negro y gris. La marca es "quechua".
Aquí está el mismo modelo:


Contenía varios recuerdos, en su mayoría-como Gaudí. El era una caja en la que con una leche y el azúcar puede, que era muy colorido. Además contenía una carpeta con los documentos destinados a un vuelo con Easyjet y un hotel que se llama "Catalonia Castellnou".
Hay también mi nombre en los documentos: Alexander Gesing

Más adelante, contenía un Ipad blanco 2. Tenía una funda de silicona verde y una cubierta de color gris.

Muchas gracias!

Please contact alexandergesing@googlemail.com

I lost it in the train station "Passeig de Gracia". I waited at the side, where the train goes to the airport. (Line R2 Nord)

Lo perdí en la estación de tren de "Passeig de Gracia". Esperé en el lado donde va el tren al aeropuerto. (Línea R2 Nord)

Please contact alexandergesing@googlemail.com

Alexander more than 4 years ago

Ring found on beach in Barcelona

Found a gold wedding ring - white 18k.

Date in ring is 5.2.89

Will send if you give correct name.

Found in warter of the beach of Playa de la Nova Barceloneta

Thor Sørensen more than 4 years ago

Lost camera

Stolen camera in Barcelona. There were two memory cards in the bag. One with about 1300 pictures on it from Paris, Marrakech, Rabat, Fes, Tarifa, Gibraltar and Granada, and one with pictures and a couple videos from Paris and Marrakech. We of course don't think we will recover the camera, but are hoping that someone would find the memory cards. If you have anything that could match the description above, please email pittmancira@gmail.com

Cira more than 4 years ago

lost camera in Cambrils

I lost my canon camera (blue) on 6 may in Cambrils enbakement. There are photos from Barcelona and Port Aventura. camera is not important, photos are! If found please mail to kastalskayaka@gmail.com

Ksenia more than 4 years ago

Lost camera

I lost my camera (Sony) one week ago, on sunday the 29th of January. Maybe it happened at metro Jaume 1. The first pictures showed the Christmas lights in Rome (italian flag, via del Corso); then there are pictures of children who discarded Christmas gifts
and then a lot of photos of the weekend in Barcelona. The last picture taken by the torch near to Santa Maria del Mar. If anyone has any information about my photo please email me at eloiserome@gmail.com

Maria more than 4 years ago

Lost Camera on Honeymoon

My husband and I lost our camera on the last night of our honeymoon in Barcelona after a 2 week stay. The camera was lost on the evening of August 12, 2011 outside of the W hotel. We took a taxi from the W hotel to the Hotel Arts where we were staying. There were over 900 pictures from Rome, Amalfi Coast, and Barcelona. The last picture taken was in front of the W hotel sign. Most pictures will be of the 2 of us or the scenery. We do not care about the camera but are devestated that we do not have 1 picture from our honeymoon. If anyone has any information please email me at jdiam812@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance,

Jessica more than 5 years ago

lost passport

my bag was stolen. Thieves, the monetary value of my passport and I think they would not leave my stuff somewhere. Phone, Credit Cards can be taken again. But I want to get my passport back ( republic of Turkey Passport number :U 02356572) .


Ruya yilmaz more than 5 years ago

lost passport

my daughter's passport, handbag, credit cards, mobile phone, etc.. Barcelona, near la ramplas stolen. These are not important. But it was important passport. If the thieves left the bag in a place, where should I ask? municipal, police, post office, etc..


Firat yilmaz more than 5 years ago

Memory Cards for camera/ passport

Hello, my passport in a wallet was taken from me. But more important were the memory cards for my camera that were in the wallet. I will give the person a reward if you could please get them back to me. They had important photos of my grandparents.
Numacia 149-151-08029 Barcelona
93 410 23 09
Colorado # 303-898-5736 Thank you God bless andymaestas@yahoo.com

Andy Maestas more than 5 years ago

Lost Red Canon Camera in Barcelona Opium Mar Club

Hi all,

I dropped my camera at Barcelona Opium Mar Club on Saturday night October 22, 2011. I am eager to get my pictures back, I don't need the camera. Whoever has it, please contact aliceds@yahoo.com

Thx in advance,
Alice =)

Alice Lam more than 5 years ago

Lost backpack

Lost a red Columbia backpack in a cab on oct 15 any chance I can find it? Very important notebook inside

Amanda more than 5 years ago

Lost my wallet in Barcelona

good night

My name is Deborah Piologo Véras Cristina Fernandes and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
I was in Barcelona on 03, 04, 05 and September 6, 2011. On September 5 I lost my wallet with my ID, credit cards and photos of my children. I dont know if lost or stolen because I used the wallet for the last time on 05/09 at around 14:00 ula shop near the Parc Guell. After I checked it just was not in the bag in the other morning at the hotel.
I am sending this email to see if you can help me find my wallet. My intention is to recover my documents (ID, driver's license, student ID and driver's medical care) and photos of my children.
It is a black wallet brand "Coach". "
My email is dpiologo@hotmail.com

I appreciate the response.

Débora Piologo Fernandes more than 5 years ago

Stolen red Kodak camera

My red camera Kodak Easy Share M863 serial number KCGHK80711065 was stolen 8.09.2011 in Barcelona!
I just hope, that somebody maybe found it, or just the memory card with our photos...
On the pictures was marriage and 1,5 year old baby son.
If You have any information please contact me: jola.sky@op.pl.
Thank You very much for any help.

Jolanta more than 5 years ago

found canon camera in barcelona

We found a canon powershot A540 camera in barcelona showing family in vacation in year 2009 anyone looking for that camera please contact to: alphacar@zahav.net.il

Mordo Moreno more than 5 years ago

Lost necklace and bracelet.

My email address is kieransutton@hotmail.co.uk if you have any advice, comments or help regarding a lost golden King George threepence necklace on the beach at Barceloneta next to Passeig de Joan de Borbo and Carrer de la Drassana and a silver bracelet on Carrer de la Plata leading off Pasage Colon. Please please help.

Kieran more than 5 years ago

Lost necklace, jewellery, and silver bracelet.

I was in Barcelona last week and after spending a night on the beach at Barceloneta enjoying the sunrise and skinny dipping i threw away two of my most prized possessions: my granny's golden King George necklace and a silver bracelet from my brother. I dropped the necklace onto the beach sand at the point closest to the start of via olympica and I dropped the bracelet on the way back from the beach near the bar chupitos up an alley towards Carrer Ferran. This feels like the worst thing I have ever done. Can you help me? I am now in London and am considering running back to Barcelona as soon as possible. Please post advice. Thanks, Kieran

Kieran more than 5 years ago

What are you doing?

I am really sorry about your lost camera which, by the way, it was stolen. But do you really think that the journalists working at this magazine are gonna find it?

David more than 5 years ago

Lost Sony camera

I lost my Sony camera in a taxi that let me off in front of Avenida Palace on July 09, 2011 approx. 10:am. donna.fleece@frontier.com

Donna Fleece more than 5 years ago

Lost i phone 3Gs 16GB white

Lost/stolen at Benicassim festival on sunday night. with green kate spade cover.

Natalie Earle more than 5 years ago

lost canon compact camera

lost canon compact June 23 in Barcelona. Memory card would be most appreciated. Family photos of trip in Bracelona. France and Granada

Trish more than 5 years ago

Items Stolen in Barcelona Sants Rail Station

My son was in the Barcelona Sants Rail Station and had his black messenger bag and jacket taken by two men in the train station. Most everything was replaceable. However, he had been on a school trip with Andrews University School of Architecture, and he had his sketch book in this bag. I have no doubt that the thieves took whatever was valuable and dumped the bag. I'm sure there is nothing to be done and we will have to just accept the loss. However, I thought I would ask if there was any type of "Lost and Found" area in the Barcelona train station where this bag may have ended up. My son's name is Jeffrey (J.T.) Cinquemani, and he was at the station this past Wednesday, June 15.

Thank you for any guidance you might be able to give us. Email tcinqo@gmail.com

Tami Cinquemani more than 5 years ago


Hi, I was mugged near the Barcelona nord bus station. My passport is stolen. It's a Chinese passport. First name is Meng, and Last name is Ye. Can you please contact me by 9318 05849 if your office may have it? It's really a emergency because it has my visa on it and I can't go back to U.S. without it! Thank you so much!

MENG YE more than 5 years ago

lost purse between aerport and barcelona sants (RENFE)

Lost my purse (or it got stolen) on my way from the aerport to barcelona sants.

It´s a leather purse in turquoise, similar to that photo


. It is branded with the logo of 5 th avenue


There is a credit card in it and a bank card, also a health card which are all signed by my name.

It´s not only about the money, it´s about all the personal things that are in the purse that are very valuabe to me and I want them back.

Please let me know, when you find something.


Sonja Theil

sonja@theil.cc more than 5 years ago

Red bag left in taxi with sat nav and other items

Red bag left in taxi with sat nav, sunglasses and other items
Last nite 25.05.11 Staying at hotel iraria Barcelona av icaria
195 .08005 Barcelona tel 34 93 221 82 00. Thanks

Brian kiely more than 5 years ago

lost camera

Camera lost on beach near music clubs Sunday May 22, 2011. Only want photos -- you can have camera. Photos of couple sightseeing in barcelona and girl in Berlin, Prague and Budapest. Contact m.k.plantes@gmail.com Thanks.

Kay Plantes more than 5 years ago

Camera Left in Taxi

My husband and I were in Barcelona for our honeymoon and we accidentally left our camera in a taxi on our last night of a 2 week long trip.

I know our chances are slim but I am so saddened by this, I don't even care about the camera, just the pictures - the memories from our beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Here are the details of the lost camera:

* The camera was left in a Cab around 8:45 Saturday night, May 21st 2011

* We were picked up at The W Hotel and dropped off on the street near CDLC - Carpe Diem (in Barceloneta).

* The camera is a small, black, Cannon Coolpix camera with silver details - there is a gray wrist strap on it, it was left on the back seat of the taxi

* The pictures on the camera will consist of photos of my husband and I, hanging out at the beach, wine tasting on bikes, etc. Ryan is tall, with brown curly hair. The last pics on there would be from that day when we were just hanging out at the beach....

Any help would be greatly appreciated and we would be happy to provide a monetary reward for it's return!

Email: courtneyelizabeth24@yahoo.com if you think you may have it!


Courtney Lively more than 5 years ago

lost purple winnie the pooh rucsac with teddy

23 April 2011 my daughter left her bag in a taxi. Number 610 but he says he didn't find it. Did anyone else discover a little girls bag with teddies and treasured soft toys?? also had nintendo ds lite in pink with games, but all we really care about is the missing teddy and scruffy old bagpuss. thank you for your help

chivon50@hotmail.com more than 5 years ago

lost property at barcelona airport

Hi my daughter left her coat at barcelona airport and they have it in lost property. I have asked will they post it to me at my own expense but they have said my only option is to get a courier - its going to cost me £40!! if anyone is going through terminal 1 and would be kind enough to post this for me id be so grateful. I bought these for next winter for both my girls and now i cant get one to replace it. If anyone has any ideas or can help please contact me at denise3491@gmail.com- thanks

Denise more than 5 years ago

Found SD card with photos

I found a SD memory card in Putxet Park (Barcelona) in December 2010. The photos are from a trip to Marrakech with a boy and two girls.

If they are yours let me know by email: rapsmen@hotmail.com


Ivan more than 6 years ago

my camera

my camera was stolen this year in barcelona! it was august!
i was on a trip through europe and i shot such great pictures! these pictures were amazing!!!
but somebody has stolen it....
i just hope, that somebody maybe found it, or just the memory card, with my photos...
i would be so THANKFUL if you would answer this. because i just HOPE.... and if you say that you have no pink kodak camera then i can stop hoping....
so PLEASE! answer this...

thank you very much,

my e-mail: theresaweiler@gmx.at

theresa weiler more than 6 years ago

Lost bag - Sants-Estacio

09.12.2010 approx 23:15-23:30 at Sants-Estacio railway station near (about 5-7 m) to glass automatic doors in direction to Eurolines bus terminal I have lost (or it has been stallen) not big youth black bag on the mid bright belt. In it there was: my national passport of citizen of Republic Of Belarus, Rozin Uladzimir, date of birth 12.10.1972, # MP2671474, issued 03.03.2010 by Zavodskim ROVD Minsk, photo camera Canon PowerShot A700 (ID - 1100B002[AA] and (21)2438104057) with one Kingston memory card in it and two another 2 GB memory cards (EMTEC and Kingston) with priceless snaps of my travel and one new 4 GB memory card, set of GP batteries, my Belarussian Dance Sport Federation dancers cards (old and new) - I'm ballroom dancer, bus tickets Barcelona-Lublin 09.12.2010 23:55 (now is just papers), three Barcelona tourist guides (DK, National Geographic and orange) in russian, The Bible with personal compact icon of St. Vladimir, flash memory stick Transcend, other papers and small things (two bottles of german beer :)). My e-mail: wsci@rambler.ru, mobile phone: +375297515657, postal address: Belarus, 220066 Minsk, Krasnoslobodskaya, 3-2-2. I will be very grateful for any help.

Uladzimir Rozin more than 6 years ago

Lost camera

I saw your recent comment post and thought it would be worth reaching out to you about our camera. It was stolen in Barcelona on October 10, 2010. We were on the last few days of our honeymoon and are devastated that all our pictures are gone. There were two memory cards in the bag. One with about 1300 pictures on it from Paris, Marrakech, Rabat, Fes, Tarifa, Gibraltar and Granada, and one with pictures and a couple videos from Paris and Marrakech. We of course don't think we will recover the camera, but are hoping that someone would find the memory cards. If you have received any in your lost and found lately and think they could match the description above, please let us know.

Thanks so much.


Cira more than 6 years ago

Re. Mother's wedding ring

Dear Peter - I am sorry to hear about your ring. Of course, you can send a photo. Anything that you think might help. Please email me the photo on the following address: Katy@barcelona-metropolitan.com. Have you emailed the club - madre@arenadisco.com. They might still have it.

Good luck, Katy

Katy MacGregor more than 6 years ago

lost mother's wedding ring

I was in a nightclub called Arena Madre on Balmes on the night of Sunday 18th July this year when I lost my mother's wedding ring which I wore on a chain round my neck since she died back in January 2008. Would it be possible to send you a photo of it? I was devastated to lose it and would even consider flying back to Barcelona to pick it up if it has somehow been handed in.

Peter Clifford more than 6 years ago

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