International schools in Barcelona

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New School Gava

Bristish College Gava, They started this year and thery are doing a great job!!! It's a really good school.

Peter 325 days ago

Privet schools in terrassa Barcelona

My son he is 4 years old,I want to know the private schools in terrassa barcelona could any one help me here?

reema more than 1 year ago

I am looking too!

I am looking for a school for my 3 year old in the sa!e area, did u find anything?

Kylie more than 1 year ago

Ranking system?

Does anyone know of a ranking system of schools in Barcelona like they have in the UK based on grades, sports, extras etc?

Ayshea more than 2 years ago

School Barcellona

Great work.
Very usefull

Eli de Luca more than 2 years ago


yes very helpful but time for a review of the schools its 2013 now and we need help with choosing for 2014!

amy more than 4 years ago

Thank you

VERY helpful summary of schools in the Barcelona area. Any other recommended sites/ when was this last updated? Looks like 2009...

Jeff S more than 4 years ago

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