Missing food from back home?

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There is no Qwiksave in Lloret. The shop is BFI and has got mostly Spanish products and tourist items

Jenny Hill more than 2 years ago

British food website

I've heard www.stuffbackhome.com is a great website with quick delivery.

Freya more than 5 years ago

Missing food from back home

Another offer: TASTE OF AMERICA, Carrer Balmes, 322
Offers over 500 food products from US, Canada and England

Andrea Abello Weltmann more than 5 years ago

British food export website

Try www.wecravefood.com

Great selection and lovely, efficient service

Caz Morley more than 5 years ago

Food and flying

Jo I am not sure about that, but really want to bring some Tetley back too! Surely it would be allowed...although the airlines seem to be getting stricter every time I fly. I will go and see the Taste of Home too, cheers!

Patricia more than 5 years ago

halloumi cheese

there's ONE place at la boqueria that sells halloumi. it's 4,65 for a pack, btw. a bit expensive. i was looking for a cheaper place. with that, you can make two halloumi cheese salads for 2 with that. not too bad, but could be cheaper.

henrique more than 6 years ago

british foods

Well Jo, I've been taking tea bags and porridge etc in hold luggage for at least 5 years without problem

Lesley more than 6 years ago

English Products

It is getting very expensive to bring anything over in hold luggage. I recently came over from the UK and was charged ridiculous amounts for overweight. If you look in A taste of Home or the British market you can get everything you need from very basic products to luxury deli items

david more than 6 years ago

british foods

Am i able to bring foods such as pataks curry sauce, gravy granules and Tetley tea into BCN from the uk, in hold luggage????

Jo Kirk more than 6 years ago


yes, no liquids limit on hold luggage

Adam 184 days ago

Raval for okra and spices...

Carrefour on the Ramblas sells blackcurrant squash, rich tea biscuits, marmite and beans.

I think streets in the Raval are the best place to find ingredients like okra, chillis etc. There are lots of little shops on C. Hospital and C. Joaquim Costa that sell Indian fruit and veg, spices and also some British stuff like baked beans.

Chinese supermarkets are also a great place to find spices, exotic ingredients and a few few British items like ginger nut biscuits and Ambrosia rice pud! The one at the very bottom of Balmes near Topshop is really well stocked (not only Chinese foods but Indian, Thai, Mexican etc) and quite cheap.

Lauren more than 6 years ago

english sausages and bacon

You can get all types of sausages and english bacon plus everything else on the lists including over one hundred different herbs and spices in A Taste of Home in Calle Floridablanca 78. Look at the priceof Marmite in Corte Inglese if you think 11 euros is expensive!

David more than 6 years ago

Squash for drinks

Saul, the Caprabo in Barceloneta sells Robinsons squash although its quite expensive.

Anyone know where to get decent English bacon and sausages?

Andrew more than 7 years ago


Does anyone know where you can get British piccalilli from? I can't find it anywhere in Barcelona!

Tom more than 7 years ago

Try Consum Vila Olimpica

Marmite, Branston, Tea bags plus a number of other UK and non-Spanish standards can be found in Consum (at least the one in Vila Olimpica shopping centre).

I'm missing things for cooking - Rosemary, Chilli peppers (hot ones), okra for curries, strong-flavoured cheese (eg mature cheddar), potted herbs like basil and parsley, squash for drinks, specialist ciders. None are essential, but...

Saul more than 7 years ago


Any advice on where to get reasonably priced marmite. Last time i looked A Taste Of Home were selling the big pots at €11!!!! Even an addict like me isn't prepared to get robbed like that for a pot..

James more than 7 years ago

Marmite abroad

What is it about Marmite that is so needed on holiday. I have just come back from Uzbekistan, where the food was excellent. However,all I wanted was Mrmite on buttered Crisbread and Fanta Limon.

We are never satisfied!

Mary P more than 7 years ago

Halloumi cheese

I've only been able to find it at Corte Ingles, does anyone know of any other place? Possibly near Poble Sec?
And - you can always get cottage cheese at Lidl!

Cecilia more than 7 years ago

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