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Making money online

Hi Edward,

I've noticed that there are many people setting up blogs to do with their lifestyle on the internet. It appears that many of them make a living off just this...

My question is, when you have a website, how do you get paying advertisers?
Thanks, Paige.

Paige more than 5 years ago

Help! Managing people

I have a shop in Barcelona and I employ two part time people. I've tried very hard to create a good atmosphere and I feel like I think about them all the time. But, it never quite works and when I finish on Saturday I always go home feeling annoyed. I'm not very good at confrontation so perhaps I just don't assert myself enough. It seems like they do what they want and never really understand what I ask from them. I would really appreciate some help on this as it's really getting me down and affecting my business too. I've been open four years and these employees have been with me for two years. Before that, I managed everything myself. Thank you!

JP more than 5 years ago

Business plan

I'm looking to set up a business here, but have never done anything like this before. I have my own financing so how important is it to have a business plan? And, if so, where can I look to understand what I should include in it? Thanks very much. Pete

Pete more than 5 years ago


Is there an equivalent of "Self Employed" in Spain?

Tracy more than 5 years ago


Edward, Thank you for your comprehensive answer on the use of Social Media. I am sure this will be helpful to many people running businesses in Barcelona.

Barry Davys more than 5 years ago

Non Competition Clauses

I had a contract with a 10% of salary compensation for a non competition clause. It said it was to included in my base salary but it was never broken down in any payslips or my final payslip when I left my employer. Is this clause enforceable?

Peter more than 5 years ago

Social Media

Hi Edward,

As Social Media is the way forward for individuals to find out about a business, do you have a blue print for a Social Media Marketing strategy?


Barry Davys more than 5 years ago

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