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great in depth article

I'm moving to Barcelona next week and think that volunteering will be a great way to get to know the needs and the community and meet people. Thank you so much for this article. Very helpful.

Elle T more than 1 year ago

Hi Elle

just doing research and saw your post - i realise it was a while ago but im looking to do vol work at christmas in barcelona and wondered how you managed or if there were any problems - thank you - Rose

ROSE more than 1 year ago

Hi all

I know this post is old, but I found when I was searching for volunteering opportunities.
But I have a really important question, did you guy manage to found an opportunity when you are non-Spanish, non-Catalan speaker. I only speak English/French, I am working on my Spanish but I think it will take some month. I would appreciate guidance.

Dina Youakim 230 days ago

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