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idiot xavi

Xavi.You sound like a typical " confetti fan" who lives to pretend that he supports Barcelona because it is easy to.Fans of clubs like Espanyol have a proper brotherhood of fans.Barcelona are typical of the so called "big" clubs that have become clinical,soul less institutions who get an easy ride from the very corrupt U.E.F.A. when the club is massively in debt so it's shirt is constantly trying to be
sold to the highest bidder by their President. High class Prostitution.Your club is becoming not very classy in its attitude,morals and ethics.

Everton Fan more than 1 year ago

Espanyol are a joke

Can't even sell out Cornella, for el derbi.Forever in our shadow.

Xavi more than 1 year ago


It's not always easy playing 'second fiddle'. It reminds me of Sparta in Rotterdam, as opposed to Feijenoord (or Atletico Madrid, as opposed to Real). Less commerce, less glitz and glamour and more heart. Funny bit about FCB being started by a Swiss guy. You mean the icon of the Catalan Nation started out as a guiri-team? Unbelievable...

Bert more than 4 years ago


I LOVE this article... It has a great background and it really shows what being a PERICO is about. I've lived in BCN for 2 years and I've been an Espanyol fan the whole time. It's like being a Mets fan back in New York (which I proudly am). We don't always win... but when we do, it's special. FCB is a great team, but the last game I went to they won 9-0... sorry but that's boring. All my love to Espanyol!!!!

Becky more than 4 years ago

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