The Rambla—going downhill



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Still the same

It's been the same here for years. Ramblas hasn't changed much sine 2001, just that now the pick pocket gangs are a lot more organized and have spread the word wider.

Perhaps the change over of one police commissioner to another changed matters with the prostitution. Things still remain the same, no public toilets but nice new laws to fine people who can't find them or hold it in between 2-8am.

It's clear by the tripadvisor reviews of the city how it's viewed. With all the extra jobs for Mossos and all the targets identified why the crime is continuing? Could it be that the Mossos are targeting against low anti-social high fine crime for the local Government. There's a lot of people who seem to think so.

Antonie Dabo more than 6 years ago


nos acercamos a tomar algo por refrescarnos un poco, mi pareja pidio sangria y yo un zumo de piña. ni siquiera un pequeño aperitivo ... cuando pedimos la cuenta casi se nos salen los ojos de las orbitas 17 euros. el zumo de un brik ( pagamos 7 briks de un litro) y la sangria vete tu a saber. zumo 6 euros y sangria 9.75 euros. asi de triste. se aprovechan de la gente y se te queda un sabor amargo de la ciudad por gente como esta. ladrona y sin verguenza

saraysergio more than 6 years ago

Cocroaches at a Rambla restaurant

I was eating at a Rambla (Choquito Rambla 98) Restaurant on Sunday 18-10-09 and was disgusted with how many cocroaches he had running about in the restaurant.

Derek more than 7 years ago

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