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RE: Mozzarella

Hi David - Thanks for your comment. I had a quick look and Melocomo appears to be open. Here is their website -

Thanks, Katy (Metropolitan)

Katy (Metropolitan) more than 5 years ago


Thank you for this excellent article. Could anyone post a message when Melocomo (funny name) opens?

David more than 5 years ago

Re: Expat Tax

Dear Alicia,
Unfortunately we can't give you tax information but you can find details of English-speaking tax advisers in our Directory who should be able to help you out with your query.

Hannah (Metropolitan) more than 5 years ago

Expat Tax

Can you inform me about Expat Tax? I have heard that there is a special tax for foreigners living in Barcelona. What are the conditions for claiming this tax? Thank you. Kind regards, Alicia.

Alicia more than 5 years ago

Just do it

With so many people choosing to live in Barcelona "under the radar", registering as an autonomo and becoming part of the legitimate working/contributing population can seem like an unnecessary expense as well as a bureaucratic nightmare. The reality is that it's a great feeling to be here inventing, creating and living - legitimately. It's also the key to being able to do it long-term (paying your social security, having documented income that allows you to qualify for a car or home loan, etc.). It's tempting to not declare your income for tax purposes...but the rewards of truly integrating into this great city and making it your long-term, stable home are unparalleled. My advice for anyone who has an idea, who thinks they could make it as a self-employed entrepreneur in Barcelona: step up and do it right. You'll have to work a little harder to fulfill your obligations as a registered autonomo... but you'll also be ensuring that you have a good long future here. Suerte!

Autonomo going on 7 years more than 7 years ago

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