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For Sinead

Sinead you must be a part of the 10% of people who actually conform to these sorts of morals. Unfortunately, its the majority who are ruining it for you, and others. I also have neighbor like yourself, and it doesnt bother me that they choose to do this. I do have a friend in lives in a building with five out of the nine apartments rented out to air bnb. You can imagine the summer is just hell, and basically means living in a youth hostel.

Joan more than 2 years ago


As a single mother, who has lived her for a decade, and last year found myself without a job, I have no other alternative, other than sleeping on the street to rent a room in my apartment. Its my apartment, not rented, my neighbours know i do this and dont have a problem with it, and i screen the guests very carefuly.. I am a good host, and enjoy meeting people and sharing my barcelona secret places and tips with them. I have no problem paying taxes, and feel that i should have the option to rent my room if necesary. It is a short term solution for me, until i find work again.

Sinead more than 2 years ago

Collectivise the License

Can't groups of hosts collectivise? Group up, give themselves an umbrella name, and get one license they are all covered by?

love air b n b more than 2 years ago

Not necessarily a good thing

I used to be a big supporter of airBnB and have stayed in several airBNB flats while on holidays. But the shoe is on the other foot now - I live in a building in which the flat above me is being rented through airBnB, and it's a nightmare! There are groups of 6-8 young people staying there at any given time, and I get woken up several times a night by them screaming and yelling in the stairwell as they come and go. The last time that I did a search for an airBNB flat, I also noticed that people are buying up properties by the dozen and letting them out to tourists (there's a notation under each listing where you can see what other properties are rented out by each person), so the idea that people are just letting out their spare rooms to make a bit of extra cash is no longer true - the site is being taken over by greedy property speculators. At the last airBNB flat that I stayed in, the owner admitted that he used to rent it to students for around 500 euros a month, but now he gets over three times that amount by renting it to tourists instead. There's no doubt that airBNB's popularity is putting increased pressure on an already overpriced rental market in places like London and New York, and negatively impacting local people in favour of tourists. It's really unfortunate but I can see why some cities are trying to regulate and control this sort of activity now - it's not just pressure from the hotel chains.

Elizabeth Michaels more than 2 years ago

from bad to good

So Im confused -- they USED to rent them out to students which I'm guessing where the loud groups of kids 6-8 sleeping at a time. One - there are Housing Association rules that should be respected by regular tenants as well as those using it for AirBnb. The same complaints for a noisy neighbor also apply to them. Two - If they raise the price doesn't that usually screen for better and more quiet tourists?! And if its higher paying, more quiet tourists --- NOW is when the hotel chains are complaining... not as much before.

jabberwolf more than 1 year ago

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