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Spain gets new non-smoking law January 2, 2011

It still remains to be seen if it will be enforced and by whom. Nevertheless it's an advance as it's in all closed public places. I actually am planing to not pay if I recieve a product or service not in conditions i.e. if they break the law and allow smoking. I mean would you pay for a bowl of soup if it had a fly in it? I do feel that this time it might be enforced a little better. We'll see. Until then denuncia denucia denucia

Anthony more than 6 years ago

You can always ask for an official complaint form but will get a hard time. If they refuse to provide you with one you can call the police as it is the law to provide complaint forms. Too bad the police don't take care of it like in other countries.If the new ban were to be passed it would be great if the police would inforce it.

To avoid conflict, at least in Barcelona you can report businesses that break the non smoking law via email. I do it often and get results. It takes time though from 1 to 4 months and sometimes you have to report again but in the end they get them to comply with the law. Email; Agencia de Salut Publica de Barcelona and
are quite informative. Check out the forum on No Fumadores.

Anthony more than 6 years ago


Although I thoroughly dislike smoke wafting in my face at all times, it makes me sort of feel nostalgic and happy in comparison to England. The non-smoking areas in Spain that do stick to the rules smell of a mixture between sweaty feet and bleach, which I actually think is far more unpleasant, although that smell doesnt stick to your clothes and probably doesnt rot your respiratory system...

A more than 6 years ago


All that Spain now needs is another confrontation.. this will not happen soon, so let´s all enjoy the
anti-"control" time. If you don´t like it, don´t do it... whether it´s going into traditional Bars or food areas.

Resident more than 6 years ago

Establishments that break the law

There seems to be no procedure in place for reporting establishments that break the current laws and it will be interesting to see how they cope with a full ban. I spent 1 hour on phone calls to the TMB, the Ayuntament, Generalitat and the Dept of Health recently to report smoking which is freely allowed in the cafeteria at Parallel metro station despite a full ban already in stations and the fact the cafe displays a smoking not allowed poster. You can smell it throughout the station and as sad as it may seem, for me it was a question of principal plus the fact that smoking on the underground should just not happen (London fires etc...) This cafe is always packed with smokers and nobody says a word. I was told that there was not much they would do unless I filled in a complaint form and posted it to the TMB head office or to the Dept. of Health! Talk about putting the responsibility on the consumer. I thought they would just send some inspectors. It was a laughable 1 hour of interaction with the so called powers that be as usual. A full ban worked in Italy but I cannot even imagine it working here. The failure will be to a lack of policing just as with most legislation here - oh that and the fact nobody ever seems to care even when it is their job to.

Rob more than 6 years ago

Smoke-free asap

I live in Catalunya and really dislike their general resistance to progress, EVEN when it´s for their own well-being. They are like annoying rebellious teenagers.
I´m tired of feeling ill in restaurants and cafes because of all the smoke. Get with the program Catalans!!!

marcela more than 6 years ago

Re: dates for new law

Dear Ed,
Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, no firm date has yet been set for the new law to come into effect - it was originally meant to be in the first half of 2010, but this has now been pushed out, although the Spanish health ministry is still saying it will be some time this year. Hopefully by the end of September, it will have been implemented, although unfortunately there are no guarantees.

Hannah (Barcelona Metropolitan) more than 6 years ago

Smoke free

I can not tell from your article what date the restaurant no-smoking policy will come into effect.
We will be in Barcelona Sept 26-30th and look forward to enjoying our food without smoke. Thank you

Ed Wolffe more than 6 years ago

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