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Charity shops in Mallorca

I'm a volunteer for the Allen Graham Charity 4 Kidz Foundation. A Charity dedicated to helping abused and disadvantaged children on the island of Mallorca. We now have three Charity shops and are about to open a fourth.
One of our challenges in the next year is to try to get more customers than donors! I agree with everything said in the article, some nations are accustomed to re-cycling their unwanted goods by donating them to charities. Spain isn't one of them, but they are learning! Our customers tend to be from the large immigrant populations here, South Americans, North Africans and Africans, and Brits.

Ann Calverley more than 5 years ago

thrift shops in USA

I beg to differ with the author of this article on thrift shops in the USA. They cater to nearly everyone, not just the poor. Many of us middle-and-above-classers love to give and to shop at them; it's fun to make our dollars scream for mercy in this economy, while getting something lovely some wealthy chick grew tired of and "gave to charity." The dollars go to good cause, and our budgets are happy! Thanks4Listening!!

patti adams more than 6 years ago


The Humana shops are great, you can give your unwanted stuff to them and also pick up some great bargins

Mabs more than 7 years ago

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