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Sailors not Marines

Good, interesting article - except the writer repeatedly refers to Marines, as in, "the death of 49 marines ..." etc etc etc. The photo clearly shows sailors - not Marines. And, while units of the United States Marine Corps did make up a percentage of the visiting military personnel, by far the largest number of personnel were sailors of the U.S. Navy, not Marines. A marine would not like being confused with a swabbie - and vice versa. The confusion probably arises through the false friend 'marinero'. Pedantic observation? No, not really. When writing about history it's best to get these things right - otherwise they get repeated - (the organisers of the Roca photo exhibition at La Pedrera made the same mistake in their captions) - and then they somehow become true. Regards

Bill Sinclair more than 4 years ago


To Bill Sinclair: As someone who was there I can tell you that there were 25 marines and 24 sailors killed that night, one of them a good friend of mine. "When writing about history, it's best to get these things right...".

Jim Maguire more than 3 years ago

No disrespect intended

Hi Jim, sorry both for your loss of a good friend, no matter how many years ago, and apologies for seeming disrespectful. I intended no offense. You're right to note the figures…and point to my less than sensitive attempt at correction. I'm proud to say that I have a friend (now living in Italy) who served with the fleet who has many fond and eventful memories of putting into Barcelona. Though not personally involved or affected by the event of January '77 he certainly recalls the loss of good men and the impact on the esprit de corps among both navy personnel and Marine corps. Regards.

Bill Sinclair more than 1 year ago

Great article

Really enjoyed this article. Thanks Nick

Rob Johnson more than 4 years ago

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