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Inspiring volunteering

Hi Jo

Congratulations on a brilliant article - this is so much what our Moose in the Hoose project is all about !

Keep up the grand work !
Best regards

Jenny Ridge more than 5 years ago


Congrats Joan on an excellent articel. I found it very interesting, informative and challenging. There is a lovely personal feel to it and one can sense the growing relationship between Carmen and yourslef.

It certainly highlights the need for and value of such volunteering. I hope there will be a good response to the article.

Well done and keep writing.


Dessie more than 5 years ago

Hello from Belfast/Amics de la Gent Gran

What a lovely, uplifting tale. The small bits of Carmen's history you have told me make me want to visit her too. Its like touching the past.
Well done Amics de la Gent Gran and Joan

Jo Egan more than 5 years ago

Influencing people

It's amazing and comforting to see that, even in these dark days and social disenchantment,there are still people who are willing to use their spare time to make happy to those who need it most.

From here to thank all these people who unselfishly help our seniors by putting a smile to those who have done so much for us during his life and now are forgotten by society.

Thanks Joan for showing us the way to follow...


ps, great article

David more than 5 years ago

The Elderly

Very worthy article highlighting the need here in Barcelona for similar minded young volunteers such as Joan.Well done for bringing our attention to elderly members of society who deserve our respect and care.

Polly Casson more than 5 years ago

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