Looking Back - one year on from the bullfighting ban



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"People often criticise me for my profession, sometimes in very strongly worded emails, but it’s best not to pay attention to those kinds of people.”

To call torturing and killing an animal for sport a "profession" is a joke. This man is disgusting. Why give him even an ounce of attention.

Joseph more than 4 years ago

But Catalonia is Spain

Last time I looked anyway.......

John more than 4 years ago

Bulls are not Burros!

We are not Spanish, we are Catalan, and the bull is not our National Animal, we have el Burro, the Donkey. And not the Flamenco, we have the Sardana, which is a peaceful, and harmony dance. We don't want the Spanish ways, the mafia, the corruption, we are Catalonia, and Catalonia is not Spain.

Andrea more than 4 years ago

Why stop at bull killing?

Perhaps we should bring back cock and dog fighting, as well as Roman-style Gladiators as a way to create efficiencies in cost of housing prisoners.

Andrew more than 4 years ago

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