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To Dave Tierney

I've counted dozens of ortographic errors in your message. I'm sure you're not who you say you are. It's either that or you've never been shooled. Your message is full of fanatism and dogma. You're the type of person who venerates a flag and despises the people it represents. Just like the Godfather Laporta, who spied on his rival, with other people's money, of course. Shame on YOU!

Patrick more than 6 years ago


Hats off to this great man, a man who all his life has stayed loyal to his people, cultures, being in the hot seat of his football club, being responsible for the signings of some of the greatest names in football history, a particular brazilian springs to mind. And all the time Stood by his people and fought for the freedom and rights of catalan culture and ways. As a Scotish lad with both an irish mother and father i truely understand laportas idiology and future hopes for his country. But it will remain a dream as Far as i can see for these reasons...
The people sitting in the hot seats at the Government have no idea what they are doing, as there priorities are all wrong. In order to convince a people that freedom is the solution then you have to restructure The system and present it to the people SHOWING that its beneficial. Simply standing on the street and waving a catalan flag will do nothing, or complaining about car parking tickets.
Never the less catalunya, good luck, if its what yous really want, then it will happen.
As for the comment from Patrick....
As for the rights and freedoms of Catalans, well, who cares?..i sure hope your not an irish man with a name like that and quoting that??
Irish history is all based on the rights and freedoms of irish people.
Shame on YOU

Dave Tierney more than 6 years ago


What crapola, who even wants to give space to a man who robbed millions from el Barça and supports child labor?

Richard more than 6 years ago


"That €22,000 million that doesn’t come back now will be ours, and with it, we can work on behalf of the interests of Catalans" Yeah, right!!! This is the guy who left Barça with a $100 million loss. Catalan politicians are utterly corrupt. "More autonomy for Catalunya" or "independence" means putting more money in their hands. But, as he correctly puts it, it's all for the "freedoms and rights of Catalunya". As for the rights and freedoms of Catalans, well, who cares?

Patrick more than 6 years ago


you are the one!!!!

Javier more than 6 years ago

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