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A delicious ingredient to a tasteless world

I totally agree with Erika's comments. Today's world of pornography doesn't show people or emotion, its a tasteless combination of bad writing, filming and mechanical sex. Us mortals want to see reality in porn. 'Reality' should not be confused with gonzo, it is the 'real' presence of 'respect' and 'emotions' that should be depicted on film, as opposed to savagery, a man relentlessly demeaning a woman for mere pleasure.

Erika you along with Nica Noelle has revolutionalised the porn world with class and elegance. I believe your films shows how sex was intended to be in the first instance. I respect an artist who isn't affraid to show what should be and not simply cater to the obsene insense of man's fantasies.

Kudos to you and looking forwards to more films from Lust Productions.

Personally the 'Good Girl' is a mind blowing altercation of film shows the American filmakers what and how something should be done!

Ricardo Vierra more than 7 years ago

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