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Rafel rocks

Rafel is such a rock star! charismatic personality, cheerful character, hard to imagine how can somebody so hot be so sweet.

Min more than 4 years ago


Hi Rafel
Do you remember me?
Im not Tiger Woods but we had also a good time together in about summer 1988 during the partnership between Bonn and Blanes.
I see, you are a famous person. Your englisch was a that time nearly perfect and you have a wonderful deep voice. Hope to see you again!!

Claus Dümmer more than 5 years ago


Hey, man, I remember very well that interview at Valderrama! It was made for "Forat 18", that wonderful golf program in "Canal 33", isn't it? (in that time, you had got more girlfriends that me...not now!!)

Tiger Woods more than 6 years ago

Hey, man!!!

Jo, com el Joan Torruella. Satisfet d'haver-ho entès tot (o gairebé!)
Salut, crack!!!!

Xavier Bonastre more than 6 years ago

Visca en Bagot!!!!

Content de llegir l'entrevista i content de veure que ho he entès tot!!! Felicitats Rafel....Quin privilegi ser cada nit al teu costat compartint el plató....(Si algú ho vol traduir i escriure en anglès....)

Joan Torruella more than 6 years ago

I say the same

When I see you on tv I remember... Hey i know this guy since he was asking questions to every one wit a small voice recorder in his hands.. You knew what you want to do since then..

Un abrazo hermano

Alejandro Moreno more than 6 years ago

..."At university I knew everyone "

Anywhere you go, you know everyone...sure !!!

Jose de Blanes more than 6 years ago

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