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If anyone wants to host a brothel in their country let me know!

kiely sweatt more than 6 years ago


I've always admired anyone that dares to break the norm for the benefit of a wider group. You've got to admire the worlds "doers", people that put their dreams into action. Kiely is one of these. Much admiration from Ireland - the land of saints and scholars - Kiely.

Mark Gorman more than 6 years ago


Thanks lovelies. I´m very pleased with how the brothel is coming and that I can find a place for myself in poetry out of my native country. I came with a Masters degree in Poetry from New School, and I know a lot of people who would think this is just another theatre performance but really the poets are good poets, and we always bring in other artists from all languages and backgrounds to do the typical lecture within the brothel setting. With the founders in NYC we hope to get one in most major cities in Europe and the US. Check out for more on this. Besos!!

kiely sweatt more than 6 years ago


I completely agree Sandra, and what an inspiring article. This said, there are still so many organisations and locations (inc. Texas) who publicly denounce the Poetry Brothel, claiming that it's 'immoral' and how it 'taints the image of poetry'. All we aim to do is change the public misconceptions of the are they trying to do this? That's my point - they'd rather let this miraculously ancient art-form go stale than have a Poetry Brothel in their cities. C'est la vie.

Timothy Grayson more than 6 years ago

the more the merrier

Props to Kiely. What she's contributing to the poetry scene in the city is really admirable. And genres need to be crossed. It's poetry after all.

Sandra P more than 6 years ago

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