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Hare Coursing

Interesting development in campaign against hare coursing in Ireland. A well known retired vet who's an expert on greyhound injuries but a lifelong SUPPORTER of hare coursing has spoken out against cruelty to greyhounds AND hares at this year's major three day "national coursing event": Here are links to this intriguing development:

Thanking you,

John Fitzgerald,


Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland

John Fitzgerald more than 5 years ago

Thank you

Thank you Metropolitan for the article Second Chances and thanks to people like Anna from SOS Galgos. Despite reality is so cruel, it gives a ray of light to this wonderful and beautiful creatures. We are now very decided to adopt a galgo.

Lisi more than 5 years ago

Bendito, Una and Iggy

We have 3 of Anna's Galgos, Bendito, Una and Iggy.

Bendito was hung but somehow struggled free. He was caught after weeks of tireless work by people with good hearts, with the cord still imbedded in his neck. They finally manage to gain his trust with food and capture him. He was turned over to Anna. The vets saved his life. Despite being covered in scars, almost starved to death, and almost hung to death, he is a very sweet and affectionate dog.

Una came to us via Anna from the animal shelter in Zaragoza. She wasn't "mistreated" aside from being abandoned and starved. We call her "Una Kitty" because she acts like a lap cat.

Iggy is an even worse case. His owner brought him into the vet with a broken leg, and wanted him to be put down because he was worthless. The vet thankfully refused and turned Iggy over to Anna. The vets saved his leg. He walks and runs normally, but his trauma goes far deeper. He is terrified of people, men in particular. Who can blame him? Thank God he has bonded with one of us and (cautiously) plays well with other dogs.

We have done a great job in the US to prevent (lessen) the suffering of the American greyhounds, that are still way overproduced by the racing industry. It still isn't perfect. Many dogs are "used" by the racing industry and thrown out. Despite the fact that greyhound racing is on the decline in the US, rescue organizations still cannot find homes fast enough. Unfortunately many get put down before they ever know the love of a home.

However, our own horror stories pale by comparison to the myriad of accounts of heart wrenching atrocities that are way too common in Spain. Anna and people like her are saints.

I tell you the story of our galgos so that you see what wonderful pets these animals become if given a chance. It is hard to imagine anyone mistreating them, and yet the proof is undeniable, and visible even in our own galgos. The scope of the problem is staggering. The only way to stem the tide of tortured bodies of these gentle, trusting and noble creatures is to end the racing industry that creates the problem.

Human beings that are capable of the inhumane mistreatment we see in the galgos do not deserve a place on this planet. Unfortunately the industry that creates the problem seems to speak with a bigger voice than all the rest of us. We need to talk louder and be heard. Fix the laws, make the sanctions meaningful and enforce the laws. End the barbarism.

Mark Grzebien more than 5 years ago

and I thought racing was cruel...

This was one of the hardest articles to read and I am saddened that such a loving, docile breed would be treated with such cruelty. The sport and disregard for these animals is downright sick. Cheers to Mia and Victor for opening their hearts and taking on this cause. I, too, wish that adopting and transporting to the US was an easier process as many organizations there such as REGAP have great success in finding homes for retired racers.

Sherri S. more than 5 years ago

Galgos are wonderful creatures

Wonderful article! Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the public now. Anna & Albert and the SOS volunteers deserve so much credit for their tireless efforts to help the galgos.
If it were not so difficult to bring galgos to the USA, I would adopt another one...or two. I currently have 2; Chico came from SOS Galgos in 2004 after being found loose in the countryside roaming with other abandoned galgos; and Luna came to me in 2009, her pregnant mother was found hanging, then cut down and brought to the SCOOBY shelter with her 10 pups.
This article is very timely & informative about Anna's efforts to make a dent in the thousands of galgos that will be dumped this month as the hunting season ends. Of course, the galgueros would deny the claims of those out in the trenches doing the rescue work..they turn a blind eye to that part of their "sport".
Again, many thanks for making this a feature article in the METROPOLITAN.

Mary Ann Moore more than 5 years ago

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