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Hi, it's the author here. I made a mistake near the end claming that Maquinista complex wasn't bombed - it was - severely.

Whoops and thanks

Nick Lloyd more than 4 years ago

Vids to remember 75 years ago: Spanish civil war + Revolution

Much thanks for this article. Spain has not dealt with its difficult past. 75 years later, and the trial of Garzon show that up.

The 19th of July marked the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Revolution. For a brief time, capitalism and the State were replaced by solidarity, mutual aid and respect for others. Workers and peasants, who were deeply influenced by anarchist ideas, ran society collectively and gained control over their lives, industry and land. A central part of the revolution was the struggle against a fascist attempt to take over Spain.

We will be showing some films to remember both the tragic goings on of 75 years ago, aswell as some positive things (local money, food production and distribution systems, womens place in society...) with the local Transition group. More info later.

Related link, to view vids online for free:

Duncan more than 4 years ago

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