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Chinese blogger wanted for magazine (in english)

We looking for bloggers from China for magazine in Barcelona about luxury in China. Interested?

Bernadet Bijsterbosch more than 1 year ago

Opinion as half Chinese and half Catalan

I am 25 years old Chinese woman from Qingtian and have lived in Barcelona since 1999, when I was eleven. I have always been concerned my integration in the local society and did a research work interviewing the professor Beltrán when I was 18. Besides the points steted in the text above, I would like to add one of the main obstacles I have found during my integration process. I have always felt that I am half Chinese and half Catalan, which is also recognised by my other friends met in other countries. However, the problem I have found is that the local people have never accepted that I am, at least, partially Chinese thus different to them in some aspects. For example, when I was in the UK studying as an exchange student, I met many Chinese-British young people, grown up in the UK, who have kept some Chinese lifestyle. Despite their differences, they are quite well accepted in the local society, much better than our case in Catalonia. The problem is that most local Catalan people expect us to behave 100% local and they can't tolerate that our lifestyle could be, at least, partially different to them. (In fact, many Chinese people in Catalonia are actually looked as "foreigners" at the eyes of the pure Chinese). I think the integration must be a mutual process, Chinese inmigrants must do our best to get integrate, but the local society should also learn to be more tolerant. Integration is a gradual process, we should learn to accept that there is a "middle term" besides "pure Black and White". We could start with something like not laughing at people speaking Spanish/Catalan with grammar mistakes or Chinese accent? That would be very welcoming for the new inmigrants... :P

Xiang more than 3 years ago

More information

Xiang, I am working on a research project on Global Chinatown, I wonder if you have time to talk to me. I am a Chinese America from the US, working at the City Universiy of New York. I do find the situation here quite different from the US. I am on sabbatical now and am in Barcelona until August. I would appreciate if you can contact me at Thanks.

Cindy Wong more than 3 years ago

feel discriminated

I'm spanish and my couple an asian frech boy who was in love of barcelona and lived there for 8 years...
He is used to be ignored like when some shop-assistant even don't try to speak with him.
Or when in conversations about delictive behaviours of chinese people in the news everybody gaze at him looking for a gilty.
But it has nothing to do with the city it is only prejudices. Usually It is all resolve after a little introduction. In spite of this it is hard to bear.

kika more than 6 years ago

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