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On a lighter note...

I thoroughly enjoyed this evening and found it very informative and captivating.
Although I think I came out with less of an idea of my opinions on Catalan Nationalism than I went in with.

A more than 6 years ago

The correct link to the report

I'm sorry, but I copied the link below wrong. This is the correct one:

I would be pleased if the administratior could change that in the previous post. If that were not possible, then I hope this one will be published.

Sergio SJ more than 6 years ago

Nationalism vs Real problems

If Catalonia has if own government is due to the Spanish Constitution -which determines the country such as a kind of Federal State- and not about supposed historical rights. It is just a democratical constitution, voted by all Spanish citizens in 1978, and any change in the state model has to be approved by all Spanish citizens too.

However, nationalism is a regressive ideological point of view about societies, based in traditional plots, and its arguments are closer to religious extremism than to political philosophy. In this way, nationalism doesn't base its society in law but it does around a cultural tradition, rather mystical than real, and intentionally distorted.

There are many examples of nationalism arguments; “Jo mateix” has written some of them. Anyway, all of them are based in presenting Spain and Catalonia as different countries, even the truth is that Catalonia is just a region in Spain, just a part of that country. After that, they present a false aggression from Spain (the entire country) to Catalonia (a part of this country).

As Peter, I also think that Catalan nationalists politicians are no more than charlatans. But dangerous, because of what they are doing is impoverishing Catalonia, cultural and economically talking. Referent to that, it is recommended to read this Financial Times report.


Catalans -and the whole Spanish- are losing positions in the competitive world due to political debates are focused in that foolishness called nationalism, instead of important things as education, employment and economy.

To conclude, I must say that in my opinion, Charles Ablett and Nito Foncuberta –from Ciutadans (Party of Citizenship)- have done a good diagnostic and they have some solutions. I suggest pay attention in what they say in that video and in whatever they do onwards.

Sergio SJ more than 6 years ago

The King's Invisible Gown

This whole business of the Catalan Statute of Autonomy reminds me of the story of the King who proudly wore an invisible gown. Many years ago a group of Charlatans who wanted to vastly increase their own personal power sold the idea of a Magnificent Statute of Autonomy to a credulous crowd. For nearly ten years the charlatans have brushed aside all those who complained that it was unnecessary, inconstitutional, extremely interventionist and profoundly DIVISIVE.
At long last King Montilla has discovered that his fantastic gown is nothing more than a SCAM perpetrated by catalan ultra-nationalists.

Peter Woods more than 6 years ago

Catalan independence

Lluis Bosch is right. I've been here over 7 years and have friends who are both Spanish and Catalan so I have a fairly good grasp on both sides of the argument. Catalunya is like a stepchild of the wicked stepmother that is Spain. The Spanish government treats it like an obligation and only recognizes it when it is convenient for them. I mean come on, over 20 years to get the AVE here, but the most depressed areas like Andalucia have it before? And I guarantee that if those bastards from "Foment" had thought about putting the Prado at risk by running a train under it all of Spain would be up in arms and they would change the route, but a Catalan work like Sagrada Familia...They'll take their chances. They are happy to collect taxes, they are happy to occupy the territory, the majority of Spanish people are happy to criticize Catalunya and discard the people as "putos Catalanes" until the Catalan people try to reclaim their right of auto-determination and then all of a sudden, "no, no Catalunya is Spain" convenient.
Catalunya has it's own government, it has it's own culture, and it has it's own flag that unites it's own people...Catalunya is a country and should be independent to determine it's own future instead of being Spain's piggy bank. If the Spanish government is not so worried about it, let Catalunya have the referendum and as a democracy should, let the people decide. Screw Spain!

Jo Mateix more than 6 years ago

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