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Where's paradise gone then?

Yikes. Sounds like some of our favourite nooks and crannies are getting smaller and busier. Where else can we go? Promise we won't tell anyone..honest.

Natasha (Metropolitan) more than 6 years ago


Similar story. I went to Caldes D'estrac two weels ago and they have increased the cark park to include caravans and trailers making the beach narrower. Plus there were no working showers. Disappointing

Pete more than 6 years ago


well, last weekend I went to st. pol it was soooooo crowded! full of anoying dutch/german tourists (sorry but they where really anoying)

and the beach is much smaller than a few years ago. I think people who visit bcn should stay in bcn! hahaha just kidding!

but finding a secret beautiful beach in august on the coastline is bit difficult!

except you have a car. and if you rent a car dont leave your belongings in it as I got robbed last year!


steve jobs more than 6 years ago

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