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We also have a blog covering all of Spain, with a focus on Barcelona. We work with bloggers all over Spain to provide the savvy scoop!

The Spain Scoop more than 5 years ago

Fleas and dogs in Barcelona

It’s not helpful, it’s not informative and it’s not clever.
It is about the Barcelona and you discover once you decide to live here.

Pri more than 5 years ago

Arte & Cultura

anyone intrested in things to do/see in BCN then check out my blog

Daniel more than 5 years ago

Barcelona Blog

Covering culture, design and events in Barcelona

David N. more than 5 years ago

Can't wait to check the all those BLOGS out!

I love reading about all this unfettered creativity. I've no time to write my own blog! Keep up the good work everyone. Great article Hannah.

George Cowdery more than 5 years ago

We have a blog about bars & restaurants in Barcelona

We have a blog about bars & restaurants in Barcelona. We look for places we called 3B (buenos. bonitos y baratos), we started because our friends used to call us searching for tips and places to eat, so we decided to share our knowleage.

Valeria & Rafa more than 5 years ago

Just A Little Bit blog

Hola, I live in Barcelona and am trying to cover as many of the wonderful shops as my feet will carry me to for my blog

My hubbie's blog, Living in Barcelona, is also to be found at


Yvonne Duffield more than 5 years ago

What did you have for dinner last night?

I post everyday what I feed my son.
Touching stories & food criticism from my 7 year old.

Jonathan Edwards more than 5 years ago

Barcelona blogs

I have a blog too, Maria Katarina Barcelona ( ) and I started it because there are so many interesting things to discover in this city and I a) want to remember them, and b) share them with someone! I would love to find out about more blogs based in BCN!

Maria Katarina Barcelona more than 5 years ago

I have a blog

Its about social media marketing and you can find it ehre if you are interested:

Maria more than 6 years ago

Moonraker Morsels blog

Here's the link to my blog about food and other observations about living here in Barcelona. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Claire Gledhill more than 6 years ago

Sex at Dawn blog

Hi. I live in Barcelona and have a blog related to our book about the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality at Psychology Today. We also have a Facebook fan page where we post relevant updates. Here are the links:

Christopher Ryan more than 6 years ago

My blog

Barcelona low cost activities in

My blog more than 6 years ago

Gastronomy blog

Hello! I read the great article about BCN bloggers in your magazine and wanted to let you know I also have a gastronomy blog about Barcelona. I will put the Google translator pluggin this week so you can read it in english, but in the meanwhile you can check it out in I have a lot of fans that follow my blog! Thank you for your interest.

Lisi Lluch more than 6 years ago


Good article!! more than 6 years ago

Catalan politics and media watching, in English.

Junius more than 6 years ago

My Blog =)


Becky C more than 6 years ago

Blog de Football

Very good article, I have started a blog few weeks ago, the blog is in spanish and i try to talk about football, by the moment only Spanish league and continental competitions.There are also information for issues related to football like stadiums, curiosities and information about countries and cities. informatión about other sports and also a littel bit of music.

Diego more than 6 years ago

La Liga blog in English

English sports journalist living in Barelona.

Simon Jalie more than 6 years ago

We are several people publishing photoblogs about BCN. I started mine in may 2009, and have been able to post one of my photos pretty much everyday since then.
There is also a big group of catalan photobloggers, you can find them at

Rob Siemann more than 6 years ago


Lots of thanks for this article and the fragment that talkes about my blog Va de gossos. I'm very happy.
Leticia Argilés

Leticia more than 6 years ago

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