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Barça Park project

Hi Mark 92,

The latest on this is that the Generalitat's Environmental Department has issued some firm objections to the project, although there seems to be confusion as to whether the Viladecans council was notified of such.

You can follow developments here:

Hannah (Metropolitan) more than 6 years ago

getting snippy

first off, Jo mateix, please read the article properly. It IS the football team's corporate wing which is financing the project, so I'd say BCN metro DO know the difference between Barna and Barça!!


Is there some kind of organised protest running against this? Spanish developers get away with far too much get rich quick, irreversible destruction and this would be one more in a growing list of ugly incursions into natural beautyspots.

Any groups/petitions up and running?

mark 92 more than 6 years ago

Barça vs. Nature

So, I think that's Metro mag 1, Barça 0, would you not agree Jo?

god deluded more than 6 years ago

Re. Barça vs. Nature

Dear Jo Mateix,
Thank you for your comment about this article. As the article explains, it is indeed FC Barcelona (and thus Barça, and not the city of Barcelona or Barna) that is looking to create a new sports and leisure development close to the natural park, a project which actually has the name of Barça Park.

Hannah (Barcelona Metropolitan) more than 6 years ago

Barça vs. Nature

Barça vs. Nature? Did Pep Guardiola set up a friendly with the wetlands? Will Puyol be defending wild Geese? Will Messi be kicking turtles into an open net? Here's a free lesson Metropolitan, since apparently you don`t take time to get out and experience culture and people enough to know the difference between Barça and Barna. "Barça" is the local abbrevation for a pretty good soccer team which happens to have a certain amount of fame that I`m surprised that you don`t know about. "Barna" would be the local socially acceptable abbreviation for the name of the city of Barcelona.

Jo Mateix more than 6 years ago

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