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I found CarrieFrais' article on complementary and alternative medicine quite interesting, but was not surprised that the conventional medical establishment is concern'd for the reasons stated. my between-the-lines read on their position is that they may be abit nervous about losing a portion of their income to practitioners whose patients, or students, are willing to explore alternatives that may help overcome their health problems, where the conventional methods, with a too-often reliance on drugs, may sometimes fall short, especially when many people have an aversion to the 'push' of drugs. so it's only natural to many people to explore alternatives.

that said, the 'regulations' issues that the medical establishment has point'd out is serious. I've been a teacher and practitioner of TaiChiChuan for 30yrs. I previously had a TaiChi club in Prague and a student of mine had previously study'd with a Czech 'teacher' who himself had study'd ONLY 6months before realizing he could probably make a decent income teach'g, due to the fact there many more people interest'd in this 'new' art than there were (at the time) teachers. this student of mine told me there were 120students in that class! and when this student came to me his knees and back were suffer'g in pain, from that 'teacher's' poor understand'g of the body and TaiChi.

my TaiChiChuan train'g was traditional, mean'g I was told that if I was interest'd in teach'g (I was) then I'd have to study with my teacher for minimum of 10yrs (I was a private student for 13yrs before I open'd my TaiChi club in SanFrancisco). and it was made very clear that I "don't change anything!" I haven't. I still have my teacher, and he, his.

as is point'd out in the article, there are many people find'g exellent results thru the various therapies that focus on the wholeness of the body. I've had students who came to me in deep depression; I had a student whose doctor told her she'd never walk again, due to her rheumatoid arthritis, and to get used to the idea of 'living' out of a wheelchair! I myself began study'g TaiChi after the difficulty I had walk'g after my VW was hit&crush'd on the highway by an out-of-control tractor trailer truck. each of these 'cases', and more have found success thru their commitment to regular train'g.

the body has mechanisms which can help heal the body. it certainly makes sense to many of us to take the time to explore these 'non-invasive' types of therapies before allow'g a physician to take-us-under-the-knife.

that said, one thing my teacher made clear from the begin'g was, 'don't try to dissuade a student from what their doctor might recommend...always defer'.

there are physicians who accept the various alternatives to health, I've study'd TaiChi with some of them. perhaps others of them need to explore and be more open-mind'd, not see these therapies as a threat, since it's clear, like chiropractic, this wave&interest in 'natural' heal'g isn't go'g to go away any time soon.

Duro Nuri, TaiChi Club Barcelona more than 5 years ago

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